TITLE: Willpower - Why Self-Control is the Secret to Success

AUTHOR NAMES: Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney

AUTHOR CREDENTIALS: Roy F. Baumeister is one of the world's most esteemed and influential social psychologists. He has published well over 500 scientific articles and more than 30 books. He is currently the Eppes Eminent Scholar and a professor of psychology at Florida State University.

John Tierney is a journalist and science writer. He is a contributing editor to City Journal and is contributing to the science section of the New York Times. He is also a public speaker in various television broadcasts. Tierney is author and co-author of several books.

The co-written book Willpower was a New York Times best-seller and has been translated into 20 languages.

GENRE: Personal Development

FORMAT: Paperback / 304 pages

PUBLISHER: Penguin Books Ltd


PRICE: $ 11-15  (the price may vary due to special price offers or other decisions made by the seller)

WHERE TO BUY: Paperback - Book Depository

SHORT SUMMARY: This book is about how to strengthen your willpower and gain your self-control. It is based on years of psychological research and includes lots of practical advice. Following this advice will be life-changing for you.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Private individuals and business people who want to take control of their life as well as for people who in general are interested in the human psychology.

MY PERSONAL RATING:         (5 / 5)


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Summary of Content


In this day and age, there are distractions and temptations wherever you are. It is hard to resist checking the steady flood of emails and messages; it is hard to withstand the temptation of the sweet donut and cafe latte for that extra energy in the late afternoon; it is hard to resist the special offer on that shiny watch you saw the other day; it is so hard to pull oneself together and do that exercise program I promised myself on New Year’s Day.

Yet, the possess of willpower, and to be disciplined, are the key factors in becoming happy and successful in life and business. These factors decide how your career, health, and financial security will develop in the future. Discipline is more significant than money, background, looks or intelligence.

In this book, Roy Baumeister and John Tierney teach you how to gain self-control without pain, and how to strengthen your willpower. Years of psychological research and laboratory work proves that our brain is like a muscle - it is possible to train your brain and improve your willpower with practice. Further, it has been proved that self-control is affected by the eating and sleeping habits. If you are hungry or sleep deprived, this can result in making unwise and over-hasty decisions. So you better think twice when you decide what time to hold a meeting or buy a new car or house.

This book can be the life-changing impulse you have been looking for so long. It certainly has helped me to understand the power of Willpower and Discipline. It is filled with lots of practical advice and it has given me a deeper insight into how and why we humans react like we do. Knowledge is the first step to improvement. I can highly recommend this enlightening and interesting read.

We can improve our willpower, we can achieve what we desire if we work with discipline,
we can change our lives for the better!


Willpower gets you to the top


Do you want to...


...be happy?

...lose weight sustainably?

...be really successful in what you love to do?


Read "Willpower", gain self-control and
become successful in life and business.


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18 Thoughts on “Willpower – Book Review”

  • Great review on this book Pernilla. It sounds like a book we all should read especially business minded or not, learn and find out why we do certain things and if we need to change them. All the help we can get to better our business should be thought about at such a small price.

    • Hello Fred,

      I really appreciate you telling me what you think about this book. Like you say it is a book where we all can learn something that is useful for life and business. Personally, I think this book has helped me to develop my understanding of myself and for other people as well. I now see why people react in a certain way on different occasions. Yes, I think it is more than worth its price to buy this book and it is more than worth it to spend time reading and learning from it.

      Thanks and hope to greet you soon again!

  • Train your brain to have willpower and be better disciplined. This sounds like a valuable resource in a book. I spend time doing brain training to keep my mind sharp. So why wouldn’t it work to gain better control over more will! It makes perfect sense. I think this sounds like a great read. I appreciate the review. I am very intrigued by the idea. It seems like a very different perspective than others I have read 🙂 Will let you know what I think!

    • Hello Christina,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about training your brain and willpower. Great that you found the review of this book interesting and I really hope you will enjoy this book as much as I do. Willpower helps you with all kind of challenges, in private, at work, in business. Willpower we need whenever we learn something new, when we have to do boring but necessary things, and willpower and discipline help you to follow through the intentions you have made for yourself.

      Enjoy reading and learning!

  • This looks like a book I have to read. For me, willpower is a daily struggle and challenge, as I go from working full time to trying to run my business, and eating right in between all of that. So my willpower comes and goes depending on the time of day, and I see how helpful this book could be. I think that willpower is especially important when we are doing things we don’t want to do, but have to do — exercise, working on business, cooking dinner, things like that. Thanks for the great suggestion!

    • Hello Amy,

      So great to read your comment, thank you! Willpower is “fresh goods”, like muscles – we have to train it over and over again to keep it. Eating the right food and sleeping enough is some of the things which help us to keep our willpower strong. With a strong willpower, we can stay disciplined and do the things we have to do.
      I can highly recommend the book “Willpower” – it is extremely interesting to learn how the brain “ticks”. With this knowledge, we can much better steer our behaviour.

      Wish your awesome willpower, and may you achieve your goals.

  • Hello Pernilla,
    Thanks for bringing this book to my attention. I’m a big fan of books that give us an insight as to how we improve willpower, but most times I have studied it from the perspective of the science and practice of INFLUENCE–that is to say a study of the ways in which we become influenced.

    That said, it’s interesting to know that willpower is not a personally trait, a skill, or a virtue. Instead, it operates, as you point out, like a muscle. This means that like a muscle, lack of sleep can deplete willpower and more sleep can restore it. I learned something new and interesting. Thanks.

    • Hello Thabo,

      It´s such a pleasure to read another insightful comment of yours. It wasn´t obvious to me either, that the willpower can be trained like a muscle, not until I read this book.
      It is of great significance to choosing the right time of the day to make very important decisions. For example, it is a no-go to hold a meeting for making an important deal shortly before lunch or dinner. Because when we are hungry or tired we tend to hurry up and often make an unwise decision.
      When it comes to our health, it will be easier to withstand temptations if we have trained our willpower.

      Wish you great willpower!

  • Wow, the willpower topic…

    Thank you, Pernilla, for this author and this book! I adore social psychology and certainly have problems with my willpower. So this book is a must for me. I have always liked this type of books, giving practical advice, instead of presenting hard to understand theories.

    Do you have favorite advice from the book or experiment that has attracted your attention?

    • Tony, so great to receive another comment from you!
      There are extremely interesting studies presented in this book, for example, the following one: Participants of a study were exposed to the tempting smell of freshly baked chocolate cookies, some of which got to actually eat them, while others had to eat radishes. In the subsequent exercises, they had to solve geometry puzzles, and radish eaters quit 12 minutes earlier on average. They had spent so much willpower fighting against the cookie smell, that they just couldn’t exercise as much self-control later on. The conclusion of the study was that your daily willpower supply is limited and once you’ve used all of your good decisions, you’re done for the day. But, the good news is that you can train your brain and your willpower will be stronger as you exercise it more.
      Wish you great willpower,

      • Thank you, Pernilla, for sharing this unusual experiment! I didn’t know that willpower has something like daily limit!
        This example is a real proof the book is a must-read for each person, who wants to become successful and efficient!

        • Tony, it’s awesome to hear that you have learned something new. Yes, it is really interesting that willpower can be strengthened and weakened depending on how we behave during the day.
          You are so right – this is a must-read for becoming successful, efficient and disciplined.
          May the willpower be with you!

  • Hi Pernilla

    Thank you for this great, informative and interesting review.
    Interesting to know that will power can be trained like a muscle.
    Best wishes to you as you continue to practice and apply your will power.

    Delroy M

    • Hello Delroy,

      Thank you for your very kind comment. I´m so glad you could learn something new by reading my post. It is really interesting that the more we practice the willpower the stronger it will get.
      Wish you great willpower too and may you achieve your goals!

  • Willpower truly is one of the secrets to success. In the past, I had very little willpower. I was working for organizations, and chugged along like many people. I was a worker bee. Also, I was making money, lots and lots of money. But not for me. The money was all earned by the businesses I worked for. I was working long hours, working hard but only earned a tiny percentage of the money I made for those businesses. That diminished my willpower even more.

    Then one day I woke up. Something told me – I have the abilities to make lots of money. Look at the millions of dollars I earned for the businesses I worked for. So why not make those millions of dollars for me?

    It took willpower to quit my job, and set on a determined path to build and grow my own businesses. Even more willpower to work hard to make these businesses successful. The results have pleased me so far. And I am looking forward to the bright future where I am sure I will soon make millions of dollars. I have the willpower to make it happen.

    • Hello Timotheus,

      So great to hear about your Willpower experiences. Truly, an inspiring spirit you have!
      Willpower is important in all areas of life where we want to make a change. If we want to change an eating habit or if we want to change the way we are thinking about earning money.
      I am absolutely sure you have the willpower which is needed for achieving your goal.
      I wish you all the very best and I’m looking forward to receiving more of your inspiring comments.

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