Do like a squirrel - eat nuts


Are you one of those people who's going nuts, trying to lose weight? Are you feeling tired and can’t think properly without knowing why? Do you wish to increase your willpower?

Here is why you should go nuts for nuts: Start eating nuts regularly and you are going to feel fitter and it will help you to gain willpower and strengthen your nerves. The list of health benefits of eating nuts is long. Furthermore, they help to protect us from heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes. Nuts have also been proven to protect against several forms of cancer. They promote overall well-being and longevity.  So you see Nuts are tiny power packs which on no account may be neglected.


Nuts in a Nutshell


Nuts aren’t always nuts even if they look like nuts.

Did you know that peanuts actually are legumes and belong to the same plant family like beans and peas? Peanuts grow underground, as opposed to nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews which grow on trees and they all belong to the stone fruits. Have you noticed that almonds are looking very much like the stone of an apricot? Yes, almonds are close relative to apricots.


A branch of a hazelnut tree


Why are Nuts healthy



Nuts contain high-quality protein and it is recommended to replace animal proteins, in particular, red meat, with vegetables and nuts. A US scientific study has concluded that the consumption of nuts instead of red meat and eggs reduces inflammatory processes in our bodies significantly. If you don’t want to give up on eating red meat it is highly recommended to add nuts to your daily diet. You will still benefit from the anti-inflammatory effect and be able to reduce the risk of getting heart coronary diseases, though to a lesser extent than by a complete abstinence from red meat. A healthier alternative to red meat is fish and chicken.

Another study made by a Norwegian-British team of scientists in 2016 provided evidence that a daily consumption of 20 g's of nuts reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and infections.

The American Heart Association officially recommend nuts as part of a healthy diet.



Many people avoid eating nuts because of their high-fat content. Yes, nuts have got a high-fat content but it is high-quality fat, which is essential for a good functioning body and brain. It is known that fat, especially fats like saturated fats and trans fats, combined with a nutrient with a high carbohydrate content is very unhealthy for our body. An example for this is a chocolate bar or cookies. But the carbohydrate content of nuts is extremely low. They also contain fibers, secondary plant substances, vitamins, and minerals. All this makes nuts to be an ultimate energy source and they give us a feeling of being pleasantly satisfied for much longer.

So when not eating in excess, we won’t put on weight. I’m a living proof of that because since I started to eat nuts regularly and that means more than one or two handfuls of nuts per day, I haven’t put on weight, it has rather helped me to lose weight and maintain my weight.


Brain food

All nuts contain Choline and Lecithin, building blocks for messenger substances, which are essential for the brains nervous system functions. This means that nuts help to increase the efficiency of the brain.

Cashews, peanuts, and almonds have got the highest choline content of all of the nuts.

Walnuts are stated as the number one brain food among the nuts. Not only that it has the appearance like that of a brain, walnuts contain among other healthy substances, a very high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, which increase the activity of the brain.


Sweet Almonds

Sweet Almonds


Origin:  Subtropical China and the Middle East

Special aspect:  It is important to chew them thoroughly to make the good effects unfold

Particular Benefits:

  • Lower the cholesterol content
  • Protects against heart coronary diseases
  • Protects against cell ageing
  • Cancer-preventing effect


Attention: There is another sort of almonds called «Bitter Almond» which contains hydrocyanic acid. Their appearance hardly differs from the Sweet Almond. Therefore it is very important to check that you really buy Sweet Almonds. Finely ground Bitter Almonds are mostly used as an aroma for cakes or cookies. It is extremely dangerous, especially for children, to eat many almonds at a time. This can lead to a fatal end.



Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts


Origin: Amazon, South America

Particular Benefits:

  • Strengthen your brain nervous system
  • Protects against infections
  • Protects against heart diseases


Attention: The Brazil Nut trees often grow on ground containing radium, therefore it is not recommended for children and pregnant women to eat these. Nevertheless, the Brazil nuts contain many healthy minerals and vitamins.



Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts


Origin: Brazil

Special aspects: Related to Pistachios and to the Mango fruit

Particular Benefits:

  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Strengthens the brain achievement
  • Strengthens the immune system






Origin: The Black Sea Coast in Turkey - Today the hazelnut tree grows all over the world.

Special aspect: It is important to chew them thoroughly to make the good effects unfold

Particular Benefits:

  • Good effects on stomach, gut and bone marrow
  • Good for the skin, the mucous membranes and the eyes as the Hazelnut contains a lot of Vitamin A
  • Strengthens the brain achievement



Macadamia Nuts



Origin: Australia

Special aspect: Also named "Queensland Nut"

Particular Benefits:

  • Supports the skin regeneration
  • Supports digestion
  • Lower the cholesterol level






Origin: South America

Special aspect:

  • Belongs to the legumes
  • Grow on small bushes and ripens in the earth


Particular Benefits:

  • Lower the cholesterol level
  • Lower the risk of heart attack
  • Strengthens the nervous system






Origin: Missouri River, USA

Special aspect:

  • The word Peccan means «hard to crack” in the language of the Indians
  • Closely related to walnuts


Particular Benefits:

  • Lower the risk of heart attack
  • Good for the eyes and the mucous membranes






Origin: Asia

Particular Benefits:

  • Helps to remove problems with the skin
  • Strengthens bones and teeth






Origin: Himalaya

Special aspect:

  • Is called Fruit from the Royal Tree.
  • Since ancient times it is said that the walnut tree carries supernatural wisdom within itself, which it passes on to the human beings, by eating its fruit. 


Particular Benefits:

  • Activates nerves and strengthens concentration
  • Protects against heart coronary diseases
  • Strengthens skin and hair


Nuts are most healthy to eat, but I must emphasize to eat them unsweetened and unsalted. Sweetened nuts contain unhealthy and unnecessary extra calories and too much salt, both of which increase the blood pressure.  Salt and sugar also make us want to eat more nuts than we actually wanted. Processed food, in general, contains chemical substances, which are not healthy for our brain and body.


Old nuts are not to be taken lightly! Nuts which are discoloured, have a musty smell or a bitter taste must NOT be eaten. These are most probably infested with the mycotoxin Aflatoxin. This mycotoxin is one of the most dangerous causes of cancer. A difficulty is, that the mycotoxins are mostly not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, if a nut smells or tastes bad you must immediately throw it away.


When you have opened a bag of fresh nuts, (or the nuts you have roasted) I recommend you to put them in an airtight box. It will help to preserve them for a bit longer.

Did you know you can freeze the nuts? I always buy a real lot of nuts when there is a promotion price and then I put them in the freezer. In this way you save money and you always have your nut supply secured.


To sum it all up:


These tiny power packs helps us to :

feel fit and alert

think better

protect us from most diseases

prolong our lives  

Now you know why You should go Nuts for Nuts.  

Haven't you waited long enough to start getting fitter
and feel awake throughout the whole day?


Haven’t you worried enough about getting ill?
Don’t you want to live a long and healthy life?


It is time to get started NOW. 


Click here to take another step to a happy and healthy life:

No Ifs and Buts, Start Eating Nuts


Please, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or if you'd like to share your experiences.

28 Thoughts on “Why You Should Go Nuts For Nuts”

  • Good afternoon Pernilla,

    You are absolutely right, it is highly recommendable to go nuts for nuts. I go nuts, I mean I eat nuts every day, it is part of my diet. Walnuts and unpeeled almonds. Then also a few Macadamia nuts for the Omega 7.

    Personally, I am not so fond of peanuts, they are not nuts anyhow. The walnut as you rightly stated looks like a brain and are good for our brain. The funny thing in nature is that you often find things which somehow in shape represent the organ for which it is good.

    You are right in warning your reader to buy unsweetened and unsalted nuts, the more natural the better. That is a very good tip to freeze it when there is a promotion, I did not know this.
    Where I live there has never been a shortage and the old walnut tree and younger almond tree give a decent harvest but it does not cover the whole year. I was lucky to always find a fresh supply in my shop.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hello Taetske,

      How very nice to read your going-nuts-story! I’m so happy to hear that you eat nuts every day too. It is really a good tasting snack and you can use it in so many different dishes. 

      Yes, the more natural the better and that applies to all sorts of food, of course. There is too much processed food nowadays. Therefore I’m also happy to have my own garden where I can grow my own vegetables and fruit. We even have an almond tree and a hazelnut bush. 

      The list of benefits eating nuts is very long, we get beautiful skin, strong arteries, healthy hair, strong muscles and keep our brain fit and young. So let’s keep going nuts!!

      If you have any questions regarding healthy living, please leave me a message. I’ll be happy to be of help. 

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • When I first got into my serious bout of weight loss (about 8 years ago – when I was 34!) I used nuts quite successfully with running distance to slim down. It was a bit of a shock for me because I’d always been slim…I needed to get back to that quick-time!
    What are your views on organic peanut butter for handling hunger pangs?

    • Hello Chris!

      Thank you for telling about your experience about losing weight with help of exercises and nuts. Nuts are a high nutrient food, with loads of protein, vitamins and minerals. Nuts give you power and help you not to lose muscles while you are slimming down. A perfect combination with exercises. 

      You’ve asked a well-justified question! Peanut butter is in general a healthy food due to its high nutrient content. Healthy peanutbutter is made of only peanuts and contains no salt, sugar or oils.  Organic peanutbutter is even healthier as it is neither grown with pesticides nor fungicides. So when you choose organic peanutbutter you lower your exposure to pesticide residues. Nevertheless I would not eat much more than a small spoon every second day if you want to maintain your weight. Peanutbutter combined with bread (carbohydrates) boosts the weight gain. 

      I hope I could help you and if you have any further questions, I’d be more than glad to answer them. 

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • Good Morning Pernilla,

    Thank you for answering my comment.
    When I stopped working in 1986 I really started working hard on my old Spanish farm. I have always loved designing and now I had time to also build smaller things myself, like bookshelves, 2 fishponds, flowerbeds and a pergola for my Mother with 12 pillars of two and a half meter high.
    I also changed the way I was eating while I was reading about the health benefits of foods. I did not have a computer yet so it was mainly from books I found out about things.
    I went through different phases, from butter to extra virgin olive oil, from white bread to full grain bread and then Gluten free. Replacing things with Soja but left that and now eat Greek yogurt and Kefir.
    The end result of this quest is that I eat the eggs of my happy chickens, nuts, and seeds, lots of vegetables and fruits, and also different types of seeds.
    Nobody denies me my glass of red wine and my 85% chocolate.
    Some days ago we went to Marbella to a clinic where they do stem cell treatments. We gave a drop of blood and in 1 week we will get the result. It is put under the microscope and at 60.000 enlargement illnesses which are not evident can be detected a long time in advance.
    I am convinced that the food we eat plays an important role in our health. Food is something we decide. Air and water, the total environment, to not forget radiation are more difficult for us to have an influence on.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Good afternoon Taetske!

      I’m very happy to greet you again at Easy Steps for Healthy Living. It’s my pleasure answering your comments.

      It is so interesting to read your Healthy-Living-Story. We both have changed our way of living by having read books about health and nutrition. Knowledge is a powerful motivator. Me too have gone through different phases learning to use new ingredients. I also used butter when frying food, then I changed to olive oil. Nowadays I use coconut oil for frying food and I use extra virgin olive oil in salads. I don’t use any other oils any more.

      Red wine and dark chocolate, both contains Polyphenols, which has got antioxidative effects and binds free radicals. Polyphenols helps to reduce the ageing process. So in very small portions red wine and dark chocolate, now and then, shouldn’t harm our body.

      Yes, it is amazing how the technology makes progress. Stem cell treatments are getting more and more common. I’m looking forward to the future development within the health field. Nevertheless, like you mentioned, the best we can do for our body and brain is to eat healthy food, sleep and relax enough and do exercises regularly.

      Taetske, you live a very healthy life – you are a role model! Thanks again for this interesting discussion.

      Enjoy your lovely farm, happy & healthy!

  • This is an excellent review of the benefit of various kinds of nuts that we can and should add to our diets. You have provided us with many good points and also information about specific nuts. Also, you have let us know how we can save a little money purchasing then and some ways to store them for longer life.

    I know that anyone else reading this article will be better informed and better educated. Excellent article, I look forward to reading much more or what you are writing here.


    • Hello Frank,

      I’m very delighted to hear that you found my post informative and useful. It’s my hearts desire and aim to share my knowledge, give people helpful advices and support you and other readers on the way to a healthier life. Tiny habit changes can make a great impact on your future life. For the moment it may not seem much, but in the long end, by adding one habit change to the other, you will suddenly remark how much fitter and happier you feel.

      I’d love to hear from you again, sharing your experiences and tips. If you have any questions about health, nutrition, exercises or related topics, please leave a comment at any time.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


    • Hello again Frank!

      How nice to see you so soon again.

      The Paleo diet is based on the assumed diet of the Stone Age Man. At those times the humans were hunters and hadn’t started to grow any food yet. They ate what the nature had to give. They ate wild herbs, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish and meat. They ate by no means processed food, except that they at one point of time started to cook the meat over a fire, which was a good thing for the development of our brain.

      I find this diet to be a very healthy one. Personally I don’t strictly follow any diet, anyhow I do think it is important to avoid eating too much sugar, salt, wheat and other grains, refined vegetable oils and above all avoid eating any processed Food – just like the Paleo Diet recommends. I’m not a vegetarian but I do not eat meat very often, if I do then I prefer to eat chicken and fish. As you read in this article the consumption of red meat increases inflammatory processes in our bodies.

      I don’t actually recommend a specific diet. We are all different and some people feel better with one diet and the other people prefer another one. But all in all the Paleo Diet is a rather balanced and healthy diet.

      Hope this answer helps you choosing the right diet.


  • I love eating nuts, whatever these might be, but after reading your wonderful post about them, I’ve found out that they are also very beneficial for the body, and mind.

    I’m lucky as we have a shop close to us that has a large variety of nuts to choose from. First chance I get, I’ll go over and buy an assortment to enjoy, even more now knowing their hidden potential.

    Many thanks for raising an awareness about nuts, many of which I had no idea about.


    • Hello James!

      I’m delighted to read your comment. How happy it makes me to hear that you found my post interesting and that you now have learned about how healthy nuts really are. Nuts are an excellent snack, you can take them along when traveling or when hiking. I always take a bag of nuts with me when leaving home so if I should get hungry I eat some nuts and don’t get tempted to buy something less healthy.

      If you would like some more nut tips please read my post “Habit Changer: Nuts”.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • Hello, Pernilla!
    I do need to take this nuts thing on a serious plane as I have a feeling I’ve put on a couple of extra kilos, and I’m sure eating chocolate doesn’t help matters in the least.
    I’ll follow your advice and turn to nuts when tempted to buy something not as healthy, although I have to admit that not many things are tastier than chocolate 🙂


    • Hello James!

      So nice to greet you again. Yes, it is a very wise decision to eat nuts instead of chocolate. I recommend roasting the nuts for some minutes either in a frying pan or in an oven. The roasted aroma makes them taste even better. You can keep the roasted nuts in an airtight box then you have them in stock for a while – it saves time to roast a bigger amount of nuts at one time.

      If you can’t resist chocolate I recommend you to choose dark chocolate instead of white chocolate or milk chocolate, because there are more of the beneficial substances the higher percentage of cocoa content. Dark chocolate is the least sweet and has got the strongest chocolate flavor. So you see, chocolate is not unhealthy if you eat just a small piece. Combining dark chocolate and nuts for a snack is perfect. The most important is that we do not exaggerate and eat too much of this delicious snack.

      Enjoy your snack!


  • This was a very good, very informative article.

    Like many people, I assume, I mainly ate peanuts when I was younger. I didn’t care much for most other types of nuts. My wife is a big fan of nuts, however, so I found myself snacking on them with her and have found that I actually enjoy them much more than I used to. Strangely enough, I eat fewer peanuts now. My wife tends to buy them unroasted in the shell and then boils them, which is the way she is used to eating them, but which I find less appealing.

    My only issue with nuts is that they can be rather expensive, but I never knew they could be frozen, so we may have to take advantage of that.

    • Hello Craig,

      I’m very pleased to greet you here at my site. It’s great to hear that you liked my post about nuts. These tiny things are powerful and taste delicious too. So good that you have started to eat a variety of nuts now instead of only peanuts. In the past, it was said that peanuts are not very healthy but nowadays research has proven them to benefit our health. Though a balanced diet is better and by eating different sorts of nuts more parts of the body benefits from the variety of healthy nutrients.

      I didn’t know about boiled peanuts – interesting! I did go search for the answer of “why eat boiled peanuts” and I found out that compared to raw or dry-roasted peanuts, boiled peanuts are lower in calories and fat and also have a higher concentration of nutrients that protect your cells from oxidation. This is great, thanks to you and your wife I have learned something new – want to try this out.

      Enjoy eating nuts, then you won’t go nuts!

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • Hello Pernilla, I am also crazy for nuts. They have an incredible amount of nutritional value, when eaten in moderation of course. I enjoyed this article very much as it substantiated why I am such a fan of nuts, especially pecans, almonds, pistachios and peanuts.

    All the best to you.

    • Hello Sue,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m so happy to meet another nut loving person. There are so many ways to use nuts in all sorts of dishes and, to eat as a snack in between. Eating nuts daily will certainly help you maintain your health and help your body to fight inflammations and infections.

      Sue, you’ve named my favourites too, what an amazing coincidence!

      If you have any other interesting inputs or questions, please contact me any time. I’d love to hear from you again.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • Hi Pernilla
    I enjoyed your play on words in this post – it was delightful to read, thank you! We are quite nuts for nuts ;-), and I enjoyed reading about the different health benefits of each nut.
    Thank you for also pointing out that nuts can be frozen – I didn’t know. Do you have any idea for how long it can be frozen and have different nuts different lengths of freezing time? That would really help me, since I always shy away from buying too many nuts at once, but at the rate which we consume nuts, it would be nice to buy in bulk.

    • Hello Sharlee,

      What a joy to read your comment, meeting another person who goes nuts for nuts!

      Nuts can be frozen up to a year and still taste delicious. You can keep all kind of nuts in the freezer up to one year, but not much longer than that as the nutritious benefits are not quite ensured anymore. Because of the high fat-content nuts are insensitive to crystallisation and therefore they will look as fresh as they did when you first bought them.

      Be aware of only taking as many nuts out of the freezer that you need within the next couple of days. Open up the package and let them thaw. This way there won’t be any mould formation. I use to take my nuts out of the freezer and roast them immediately in the oven. If the nuts are frozen you can roast them for a minute or so longer than usual.

      Let’s go get some nuts!


      • Hallo Pernilla
        Wow, that is good to know that I can keep the nuts for that long – thank you! Now I can really stock up and make the best use of special deals.
        Thank you also for the valuable tips about opening up the package to thaw and about roasting it immediately out of the fridge, which would save time as well.
        I really enjoy you blog Pernilla – thank you for the valuable information that you offer!

        • Sharlee, thank you once again for all your lovely comments. Yes, it’s wonderful that nuts can be storaged in the freezer and stay fresh for such a long time.

          All the best,

  • Hi Pernilla,
    Glad I stopped by. Your post on nuts is informative and well-balanced, pointing out the good and bad. I particularly liked the warning about almonds because I do eat them.
    Nuts have a great blend of protein, fiber, and healthy fat, providing high-quality calories that will help expand your muscles. Nuts also lower cholesterol, reduce belly fat and the risk of heart disease, and improve cognitive function.

    Almonds have one of the higest concentrations of antioxidants, compounds that can help lower the free radicals produced during a tough workout, and are linked to lower amounts of fat around the waist. This makes them one of my favorite nuts, but I really appreciate the warning that one has to use caution. My grandfather, for example, could go into the woods and know what kind of mushrooms to pick and eat. The wrong ones could kill you.

    Anyway, I’m I enjoyed the post and look forward to coming back.

    • Hello Thabo,

      Thank you very much for your very interesting comment. You added some very important aspects about almonds. I see that you know much about this small but powerful food.

      It is indeed, dangerous to eat a big amount of the bitter almonds. So when buying almonds, be always aware of what sort it is. The bitter almonds are mainly used for the baking purpose and they are mostly sold in smaller packaging units than the sweet almonds. It is also of great importance to avoid eating nuts which taste or smell bad. All moldy food must be avoided as it can cause inflammation and other illnesses.

      Almonds happen to be one of my favorites too, beside the pecan nut.

      I’d love to greet you once again here at Easy Steps for Healthy Living. If you have any questions related to health topics and how to change habits, please contact me at any time.

      I wish you a happy & healthy life!

  • Hi Pernilla!
    I had no idea that peanuts grow underground – that is amazing to me, while the other nuts grow above ground, or that almonds are closely tied to apricots!
    I am particularly interested in Walnuts for their brain support. I think that the omega-3 fatty acids are key, and aside from that, I need as much brain food as I can get. I had chemotherapy many years ago, and it affected my cognitive function, so I feel like I need to nourish my brain whenever possible. I think I will be eating more walnuts! My problem, though, is that Weight Watchers “points” walnuts very high, as they do with all nuts, so I’m not sure what to do about that.
    Hazelnuts are good for brain function too? I will try them too.
    I love the fact that nuts reduce the inflammatory process in our bodies. Great information and thank you!

    • Hello Amy!

      Happy to greet you here at Easy Steps for Healthy Living again. The ways of nature are exciting, aren’t they? It was only when I started to eat nuts regularly that I got to know about this myself. For about 10 years ago I dived into the amazing world of healthy living and started to read about everything around healthy food and healthy living. I didn’t change everything overnight, step by step is my motto.

      Nuts are one of the healthiest food to eat. The brain needs fat to function properly and our cells need fat to be able to keep the intruders away and to be able to let the “good guys” come inside the cell membrane and do their job. It’s very good that you eat nuts, especially as you have gone through chemotherapy. Healthy food helps to repair cell damages. Eating all kind of nuts benefits the body and the brain. Particularly walnuts but also hazelnuts are very beneficial for the brain.

      Nuts have got a high-fat content, that’s true, but that is primarily the healthy Omega-3 fatty acid. Note that the carbohydrate content of nuts is extremely low. Therefore nuts do not affect your weight as much as it is often said. I eat a lot of nuts each day (unsalted and unsweetened), at least a handful and often twice as much, and since I do that I haven’t put on any weight. Must add that I eat fewer carbohydrates and I do exercise regularly.

      Don’t have a bad conscience by eating nuts, instead enjoy nuts of any kind, they are great for body and mind!


  • Wow Pernilla, first of all, I wasn’t aware that peanuts are not nuts after all. I must say, I have learned so much from you article on nuts. So much so, that I have emailed your link to both my husband and my son; the first being greedy or brazil nuts, and the second being obsessed with proteins as a muscle mass build-up.
    As far as I am concerned, I have always been taught to keep away from nuts, as fatty and making you put on weight. But, it sounds like nuts are in fact much closer to one of the ‘super foods’ than I was aware. However, how much in weight do you think it’s advisable to consume every day (or nearly every day) in order to avoid piling up the pounds? Is 20gr the recommended weight, or should we stick below that figure?
    Look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again for so much useful information 🙂

    • Hello Giulia,

      How wonderful that you have learned something new by reading my nut post! It’s great that your husband and son are so fond of nuts. It’s true, nuts are filled with proteins and they are the ideal snack for your son, building up the muscle mass. Nuts are actually the perfect snack for everyone, except for people who have a nut allergy.
      Dutch researchers have found out that compared to non-nut eaters, people who ate at least 10 grams a day had a 23% lower chance of death from any cause. Eating more grams, however, didn’t improve the percentages significantly, the study said.
      To your question about how much nuts you can eat and not gain weight – I can’t tell the exact amount of nuts you can eat per day, it differs from person to person. If you replace sweets or some of the other kind of high-sugar carbohydrates like white bread, sweetened drinks, with nuts then you won’t gain weight. You gain weight from eating carbohydrates, not from eating protein and fat. I often eat 50 grams of nuts per day, and I haven’t gained any weight because of that. Of course, if the total intake of food is higher than the energy we have used during the day, then we gain weight.
      Hope my answer helped you, and if you need more advice or information, please contact me.


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