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… to eat healthily

… to do regular exercises

… to maintain the weight

There is an almost unlimited amount of diets, a huge variety of different sorts of physical training and exercise programs and countless tips on how to maintain your weight.

There are enough tips and tricks out on the market. We actually know at least roughly, what we should eat, we know that we should do exercises regularly and we know we should get enough sleep. Still, we do not change our behavior, and if we start a diet or an exercise program we mostly do not follow through with it.



Why is that?


  • The main point is that our brain always is searching for a way to do things as effortless as possible. Once we have learned something, this is saved in our brain and many of our daily chores get automated. Habits have been manifested. These habits are very hard to change because it means the brain has to make an effort and learn new routines.
  • Many of our habits we have kept since our childhood, and habits which give you a feeling of comfort are the most difficult ones to change.
  • Another big issue is that if you are doing a diet, the body functions get unbalanced because of lacking nutrients, which weakens the body.



How can we achieve our goal living a healthy lifestyle?


A sustainable way is to:


  • Change habits slowly step by step – this avoids overstraining your willpower.
  • Eat food which contain the important nutrients, and which are filling – this strengthens your perseverance and staying power.


In my following Blog Posts you will learn about:


… and much more.


Peaches, a healthy and delicious fruit

Come on, let’s start the journey to a healthy, happy and beautiful life.


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16 Thoughts on “Why Is It so Hard…”

  • I like how you talk about our brain and habits. It’s so true that when our brain gets use to a habit it is stored or manifested. I believe this is why it makes it so hard for people to change their eating habits or lifestyle easily. It takes work and “training” your brain.
    I’ve heard that it takes your brain and body about 3 weeks to create a habit. Have you heard this before?

    • Katie, I appreciate your comment a lot. Yes, you are absolutely right, a habit is something we have got used to do and as it has become an automated action it is not quite that easy to change or eliminate a habit. There are though some tricks we can use in order to simplify the process, this needs a bit of effort, but if we do it step by step and concentrate on one thing after the other it will be a lot easier.

      Yes, it is said that it takes around three weeks to create a new habit. Actually it depends on the person, what sort of habit and other circumstances when it comes to how long it really takes until the new habit has been manifested. I have done some research about this and if you are interested, please read my blog “How to start living healthy”.

      I hope, you are happy with my answer. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life,


  • I find it hard to do all 3 because of “temptation”. Whether’s it’s choosing the easy option of sitting in front of the TV or and eating chocolate and snacks, etc.

    Every time I have tried going to the gym and generally eating healthy, I always end up slipping into unhealthy habits.

    Thanks for your guidance, and I look forward to being inspired by you when it comes to adopting the right healthy habits.

    Neil 🙂

    • Neil, thank you so much for your comment. There are indeed a lot of temptations to withstand. Our brain tries to spare as much energy of it’s own, that it is outsmarting us. Therefore we have to play the same game and outsmart our own brain.

      Before my “revelation” I made the same mistake, one time after the other. I started to follow a strict diet and I started to do a lot of training, all at the same time. I totally overstrained my willpower and very soon I was back to my old habits again.

      Please, do read the following blog “How to start living healthy”, then you’ll get to know some tricks how to do the first steps towards a healthier life.

      I hope this will help you further. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me again.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life,


  • Today we live in an instant world where we want everything now and not have to wait for it, little wonder that we don’t want to change our habits but it can be done and it should be done.

    I think what really helps to change people’s habits is being faced with the reality if they don’t, when they realise the consequences if they don’t do something about their diet and fitness, this usually provides enough motivation to make a change in their lives.

    I do agree with you that you should change your habits slowly as you have to give yourself every chance of making the new habit part of your lifestyle.

    • Hello Adrian!

      I’m very pleased to receive your comment, thank you very much. Yes, you’ve hit the right points – we have to come to the conclusion by ourselves, that it is of no use to try to rush things. It is better to do small changes step by step, then you won’t get overstrained.

      The challenge is to find motivation to follow through as the change rarely can take place over night. If we realise the consequences of not living healthy, like you say, then this will be a strong motivation. Another helpful “tool” is to visualise how your future healthy life are going to feel like.” What you see, is what you’ll get”. I will dedicate this topic in a more deepend way in a following blog.

      You are very welcome to contact me again, if you have any further comments or questions.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • Hello and thanks for sharing, easy steps for healthy living. I believe that it first starts in the mind. Once we make up in our minds and be determined that we can live healthy it is not hard, just break those bad habits and go in the opposite direction. Your post is well detailed with a lot of good information, easy to read.

    • Hello Norman!

      Thank you very much for your comment. I’m very pleased to hear that you find the information interesting and that it is easy to read.

      Yes, that’s true, it all starts in our mind. When we really want to, it is always easier to change the habits. A positive mindset, knowledge about healthy food and healthy living in general and doing the changes step by step will strenghten your willpower to eliminate the bad habits and create new healthy habits.

      In fast living times like ours, we simply haven’t got the time to reflect about how we are living, what we are eating and we often have got a lack of sleep. Therefore I hope that my website with tips about how to integrate healthy habits step by step, will be helpful.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life,


  • You touch on some interesting points which are not new but are simply reminders. The reasons we find it so hard can be daunting. I also realized all of us have a different body, meaning we need different food for our bodies.

    One thing is for sure that all preservatives and too much sugar can be harmful. The pyramid is there for a reason. You are right trying to eliminate habits completely can be more exhausting, simply because we are taking in too much for our brain to process.

    • Hello Carlos!

      It’s great to hear your view, thank you very much. Actually most people know what is healthy or not. We often do repress these thougths for example because we just don’t have the time to prepare a healthy meal, because we are used to certain routines and are too stressed to change our behavior.

      It is very true, what you say, different people need different sort of food. There is a lot of aspects to consider: age, gender, allergies just to mention some of them. Of course should the intake of processed food with a lot of preservatives as well as sugar be minimized in order to help your body stay healthy as long as possible.

      My aim is to help people to change to a healthy lifestyle in a most easy and sustainable way.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life,


  • Hello Pernilla,

    It is true that it is always hard to exit our comfort zone.
    We might want to have the desire to start living a healthy life but in the end, we often procrastinate or even forget about it.
    It all comes down to how bad you really want it, I think.
    Plus, the right motivation has to be in place.
    Changing your habits can be challenging but with your guide, it will be for sure easier.

    • Hello Asen!

      Thank you so much for your insightful comment. It is true what you say, if we have a desire to change into a healthier way of living we rather have the strength to follow through and change our habits. It is my intention and urge to help people to do these changes and give hints that are easy enough and motivating. It has very much to do with our thought structures and emotions, how our habits has been developed. If we get aware of this, then it is easier to understand why we behave like we do and take the step to change the habits, preferable step by step.

      If you’d like to comment on something or if you have any question, I’d be more than happy to answer them.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • It is difficult to change a mindset, I agree, but just initially. If we take it step by step as you suggest, it isn’t that difficult. Like putting a whole apple into the mouth instead of tiny bites !
    One little bite, enjoy it in the mouth for as long as possible/necessary and then take the next bite.

    • Hello Roy!

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I love the analogy of eating an apple. By eating one little bite after the other we can better enjoy the good taste and it’s also much healthier for our body. It is easier to change one unhealthy habit after the other, than try to change a whole bunch of habits at the same time. 

      Of course most of us want to see the change immediately, but our brain does not like to be forced to leave the comfort zone. Therefore we have to do some tricks so we can outsmart our own brain, and make the changing of our path a bit smoother. By choosing one habit to change after the other and do it step by step, we have more energy to block off the temptations and our brain have got more time to get used to the change. 

      If you have any questions or need some tips concerning changing habits or about any health topic, I would be more than happy to help you out.

      I wish you a happy & healthy life!

  • I think that the information is right on and the main reasons we don’t succeed in many of our objectives. It all boils down to getting our minds in the right place with no if, ands, or buts, no exceptions. It’s hard to do but that’s what it takes to succeed like with anything else perseverance. I like what you said about changing our habits slowly step by step.

    • Thank you, Fred, for your comment.

      So it is, we have to make that decision and we have to want to do it. If we know why something is unhealthy and what impact it has on our body and mind, it is easier to take that step to a healthier life. Thinking of being able to live a long and healthy life, spending it with your near and dear, that makes it worth the effort.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!

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