Cherries in water, refreshing and healthy


Those who do not find time every day for health,
must sacrifice a lot of time one day for illness.”

Quote by Sebastian Kneipp, 1821-1897, Germany

Healthy berries: Raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, cherry

In a young age, it is not obvious to us, what an unhealthy lifestyle does to our body and mind. When we are young the body can compensate bad treatments, but as we get older, our body can’t repair itself as easy as at a young age. At a certain point, depending on different circumstances, the body starts aging prematurely: the immune system becomes weaker, our joints hurt more and more, memory and eyes weakens and other age-related diseases emerges at a much earlier stage in life. Minor blemishes like facial wrinkles and loose skin also start to appear earlier than expected.

This is why it is so important to live healthy – in order to prevent illness and all kind of diseases and premature aging.


What we need is:


  • To nurture our body properly.
  • To do exercises.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Avoid use of disease-inducing substances.


More detailed information about what our body and mind need in order to stay healthy will be a subject in coming blog, for a start has at look at Healthy Food for Your Body.


A handfull of fresh blue grapes

Be kind to yourself – live happy and healthy!


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8 Thoughts on “Why Is It Important to Live Healthy?”

  • Hi Pernilla,
    Thank you for promoting healthy living! I like the quotes you use here, especially “Be kind to yourself – live happy and healthy!” The Sebastian Kneipp’s words are good too, but I think that if I had to look for the time to spend on my health every day, I’d never find it. I don’t exercise. I never go to a gym. I spend quality time with my family riding bicycle, dancing Argentine tango, doing aerial acrobatics with my son, etc. I don’t eat in fast food places. Again, we either cook and have family dinner at home, or go out not only for food, but also for fun – finding places where one could have a dinner with a show, or dine and dance, etc. So, I don’t spend time on my health, I spend time on fun and time with the family, but we choose our fun in a healthy lifestyle.
    Thanks again. Take care.

    • Hello Julia,

      Thank you so much for sharing your way of living. It sounds perfectly healthy to me, you seem to be doing exactly the right choices. Dancing, riding a bicycle for fun and playing around with kids that’s very healthy. The fun factor is for sure very important. To move your body is the most important thing, not how. It’s not about doing fitness in a gym or following a diet, my aim is to help and support people who wants to change to a healthier life and how to implement this in their daily lives, step by step.

      Keep on having fun with your family, enjoy delicious dinners and play around with your son. Take care you too!

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • Hi Pernilla
    Very true words that you are saying here! When we are young “health” is truly the last thing on our minds. An elderly gentleman, with quite a few health challenges, made a lasting impression on me when he remarked saying: “If I knew I would get this old, I would have taken better care of myself when I was younger!” He was almost 90 at the time and he said he thought he would have been dead by 40.
    I have a problem in the “getting enough sleep” department. Although we go to bed at a reasonable time, I often wake up during the night and then battle to get back to sleep again. Any thoughts or suggestions you can point me to, Pernilla?
    Thanks, Sharlee

    • Hello Sharlee,

      Thank you for sharing the story about the elderly gentleman. So true, when taking good care of ourselves already at younger ages, we most probably will live a long and healthy life, without having to suffer from severe diseases.

      Having a good sleep is one of the most important factors for feeling fit and staying healthy. There are many, many reasons why someone may have sleep difficulties. See to it to have a good sleep environment, otherwise, the body can not produce the sleep-hormone Melatonin, which is necessary for reaching all sleep phases.

      I recommend you to keep it as dark as possible in your bedroom; dark curtains, turn off all lights and keep all electronic devices away from the bedroom. Do not watch TV or work on the computer immediately before you go to bed. Instead read a book (a real book, do not use an eReader) or listen to some relaxing music. There are apps for different sort of devices to download, which blocks the blue shining screen lights (for example ‘f.lux’ for Windows, if you can’t stay away from the screens in the late hours.

      It has been proven by research that people who do exercises in the morning have a longer and better sleep quality and a lower blood pressure than people who do not do any exercises at all and even compared to people who do exercises another time of the day. For example, a five minutes brisk walk before breakfast can make wonders. In addition to that, I recommend you to do any exercises at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes each. That will improve your overall fitness and your body’s ability to regenerate better during its sleep phases.

      I hope these tips help you to stay asleep all night. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more “sleepy” tips. I’m planning to write a blog about how to sleep smarter with more tips and tricks.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


      • Thank you for your reply Pernilla, I really appreciate it!
        Our bedroom is already very dark – since I use triple-blockout curtains. I’m guilty as charged of not getting away from the screens before bedtime. LOL! I am also going to try to incorporate the 30min morning exercises and see how it goes. Thank you for taking the time to help me Pernilla, I am looking forward to your post about the sleeping tips.

        • Sharlee, I’m happy if I can help you solve your sleep issues. If you are not used to doing exercises in the morning it can take some time and discipline to incorporate it to your daily chores. If you should not have time to do the 30 minutes each day, just do 5 – 10 minutes high intensitive exercises like a brisk walk or a short run/jog in the surrounding to start with. You could also do some fun aerobic training – for example look for Denise Austin, YouTube. This is an easy one to start with

          There are many more ways of how to improve the sleep quality, I’ll cover these in a blog and hope to provide with the perfect tip for you.

          Have fun exercising!


  • Hi Pernilla,
    What a lovely site you’ve created here. I agree with you that living healthily is something we aren’t always aware of when we’re younger. I suppose I started my health awareness when I was about 40 (10 years ago!) and I get so much pleasure now out of living a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise and real (i.e. not processed) vegan foods. I also drink much more water than I used to. This is a wonderful site to help people make the change over to a more healthy lifestyle.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Hello Soraya,

      I’m very pleased to greet you at my site. How happy I am to hear that you like it and that you already are enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Daily exercises, wholesome food, and water are the perfect ingredients for a healthy body and mind.
      It is my aim to share my knowledge and experiences to motivate and encourage people to discover the great feeling healthy choices give us.
      I’m very much looking forward to greeting you soon again. I’d love to exchange experiences with you.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life,

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