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Easy Steps for Healthy Living

is the place for you if you want to start a new healthy life. Here you’ll find inspiration and motivation for your journey to a fitter and healthier YOU.

Helping you to find your way to healthy living is my heart’s desire. It is my aim to encourage and guide you to a happier YOU by showing how to change your habits step by step and how to build up your self-confidence and mental power.

The purpose of Easy Step for Healthy Living is to help you to Change Your Life for the better, to show you the way to a longer and healthier life, how to keep your appearance young and even how to get rejuvenated.



Easy Steps for Healthy Living provides you with 


Knowledge About the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Information about the Science of Longevity

Easy Habit Changer Tips and Tricks

Recommendations and Handy Tools

Inspiration and Motivation



Pernilla Kohler

Founder, Author,  & Webdesigner of Easy Steps for Healthy Living

Have worked many years as a Flight Attendant and as a Bookseller.

Her passions are healthy living, traveling, reading books, and enjoy the nature.

She is dedicated from the very core of her being to support You on Your journey to health and happiness.

Founder of Easy Steps for Healthy Living

"Believe me, I know how it feels to be unhappy with oneself and I know how it is to feel unwell. My weight has gone up and down and up again. I have felt very unhappy with my appearance and lack of discipline. I realized that my low self-confidence was the reason why I couldn’t follow through my intentions. So I started to read books about how to build up my self-confidence. Reading all those books about health and self-confidence helped me to get aware of how our psychological condition influence our eating habits.

Therefore, I want to share my experience and support you to your New Happy You.

If you need support you are more than welcome to contact me and I appreciate your comments on my posts.

I will continuously work on this website and update it with articles concerning healthy living as well with recommendations and tools which helps you to change your habits step by step as easy as possible. Please, come and visit me at every now and then."

All the best, Pernilla Founder of

If You believe, You'll succeed!