Time for New Years Resolutions


How’s it going? Are you still hanging on to your New Year Resolutions or have you broken them by now? According to statistics, 95% of all people who have made New Year Resolutions have already broken them by the 15th of January. But don’t worry, if you really, really deeply wish to follow through and do the changes in your life – it is NEVER too late. You can always change your habits, you can always make a resolution at any time of the year and at any age. You can always learn something new, getting older is no excuse. Do you want to know how? Then please read these tips to keeping your New Year Resolutions:



Find out WHY You Want to Make a New Year Resolution


Like Tony Robbins says in his video below, we have to have something that pulls us toward the goal we have set.

Well, if we know why it is so important to live a healthy life, that is really not enough to pull us in that direction. We have to awaken the deep desire inside us, the desire that keeps us going. It’s the desire that helps us follow through.

Wedding Bride    My wedding-story


The year before my husband and I married, I had about 10 pounds overweight, for some people that doesn’t seem much but I was very unhappy with my body. As we decided to marry I saw myself in a beautiful white dress. I really deeply desired to feel and look like a princess on the day of our marriage, wanting to look gorgeous for my future husband. Having that on my mind, I automatically made healthier choices like avoiding sweets, drinking less sweet lemonades and doing exercises at least once or twice a week. On our wedding day, I was the happiest person ever and I smiled all day long to that extent that my cheeks hurt for the following 24 hours. I had lost my overweight and could wear the most beautiful dress I had ever seen – so delighted to see the smile of my husband.



Find out WHAT You Have to Do


You have found out what your deep desire is and you know WHY you really want to change your unhealthy habits to healthier ones.

Now you must find out WHAT exactly you have to do.

Apples, a healthy snack​​

Say, you want to lose weight. In this case my advice is as follows:


  • First, you determine how many pounds you want to lose, then you determine what date you want to have achieved your goal – it has to be a reasonable goal, which you really believe in.
  • Analyse your habits (eating habits, sleeping habits, and physical activities) and find out which one you must change. Change the habits one after the other, in the long end, you will have a sustainable weight loss.
  • Choose one or two habits and concentrate on that one/those two for at least three weeks. One of the best choices to start with is to drink water instead of sweetened drinks and go for a short walk three times a week.
  • In the fourth week, only then continue adding another habit you wish to change. Depending on how you respond to the changes and how strong your willpower is, you can add more and more habit changes. But be aware if you do too many changes at once, your willpower will get drained and you will not withstand the temptations to fall back to your old patterns. In the next paragraph, you find more tips on how to keep your willpower strong.



Find out HOW to Follow Through


Even though you know your WHY – your deep desire – it can be difficult to follow through. Here is a technique, which will help you to stay on track:

A pen and a notepad, great help for losing weight

Visualize your future


  • Visualize the feeling of having achieved your goal. Visualize how good it feels when you have lost the unnecessary pounds; when you have run your Mile Race without feeling totally worn out.
  • Visualize the feeling of enjoying the reward you have chosen for yourself.


Make a decision


  • Decide that you are going to achieve your goal, no matter what.
  • Always keep your goal in your mind. This will help you to make the right decisions, the decisions which take you one step after the other to your final goal.

Write it down


  • Write down your WHY, write down your goal and write down the reward you have chosen for yourself when having achieved your goal.
  • Place this agreement with yourself at different places in your home, for example on the mirror in your bathroom, on your office desk (well visible, not beneath a stack of documents) on the couch table in your living room or wherever you need to be reminded the most.


Write down your plans on your agenda

Make a plan


  • Write down your plan for example on your agenda.
  • Write down your goal, and it is most important to terminate when you want to have achieved your final goal.
    – eg. I want to lose 15 Pounds within the next 5 months. On Friday the … my weight is …. Pounds (write down the exact date). To lose 3 pounds per month is very reasonable and you’ll have a sustainable weight loss.
  • Set subgoals – it’s another motivational booster to see that you come nearer and nearer to your goal.
    – eg. At the end of each month, I want to have lost 3 pounds.
    – eg. I want to do exercises 3 times per week, at least 30 minutes each and go for a 1 hour-walk each Sunday morning
    (note the exercises and other physical activities in your agenda)
  • Determine at what day in the week you want to check your subgoals and note this in your calendar as well. I find Friday a good day to check my weight. On Mondays, I’m mostly slightly heavier, as I do allow myself eat a bit more food and some sweets during the weekend.
  • Write down your reward in capital letters
    – eg. look forward to visiting a MUSICAL, going to a great SPORTS EVENT, a NEW DRESS, an SPA weekend, HOLIDAY AT THE BEACH or perhaps even a NEW CAR!


Magnificent beach

In Short


Having a goal to work towards is making the difference – it makes wonders happen. Decide that you really want to succeed. Always keep your goal in your mind – visualize yourself, feel the future you. Write it down, make a plan, follow the plan. Look forward to your reward, the reward you have chosen for yourself and above all look forward to a New Happy You!

By finding out WHY you want to change your lifestyle, WHAT you have to change and HOW to be able to follow through – then you have created the best conditions to succeed.


The benefit of restarting your Healthy New Year Resolutions are
that You’ll rejuvenate your body and mind, 
You will feel fitter, younger and happier.
You will even live longer and extend your healthy lifespan.

If you like to have some more motivation and inspiration
I really recommend watching Tony Robbins’ video.



Are you longing for a change, but you feel you need more help,
here are two mind changing programs.


They will show you sustainable weight loss strategies to transform your health
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Happy New You


If you have any questions or need some extra motivational support. Please, leave a message in the comment box below.


10 Thoughts on “Tips to Keeping Your New Year Resolutions”

  • I found your article post very interesting and helpful, I have always been a goal oriented person. I usually am successful with accomplishing my goals I set for myself, but there are some which I just never seem to be able to accomplish.

    I enjoyed how you broke down in easy steps how to accomplish many of the goals the majority of people make, but often don’t accomplish. Making a written plan makes lots of sense to me, how would you suggest someone find the answers to a good plan when they can’t come up with one on their own?

    It is difficult to make a plan which will work when you don’t know where to even begin?

    • Hello Jeffrey!

      Thank you so much for commenting. I appreciate to hear your view. It’s absolutely correct, it’s not possible to make a plan when you don’t know where to begin. It always depend on what you want to do and your situation in life. Do you want to get a better sleep, do you want to feel more fit, do you want to lose weight, are you in the risk zone getting diabetes…? It is important to search for information and analyse your life before you can make any plan. 

      There are thousands and thousands of books and millions of online articles for every health topic. I have myself read many, many books and tried countless diets. Often the books have got a plan to follow, and I have tried out several of them. It’s about finding out what suits you. My idea is to make really small changes in your daily life, step by step, which leads to a healthier life. That makes the planning easier as well. I’m going to elaborate on that in coming blogs. 

      If you have any questions about a certain health topic and want to know how and where to begin, please contact me. I’d be more than happy to be of help. 

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • Hi there!
    You have written an inspiring post in the new year,
    I can give you 2 examples -one for following the goal with determination to succeed and another for not following and failure.
    My daughter was 84 kg and she was very much depressed.She set a goal to attain 60kgs in 6 months. Because of her commitment and determination, she became 59 kg in 6 months. My friend who was smoking 40 cigarettes/day set a goal to quit smoking. But unfortunately, he passed away due to nicotine block, because he never achieved his goal.Therefore, setting a goal and achieving is very important in one’s life. Anyways, thanks for giving a great post ” tips to keeping your new year resolutions ”

    • Hello!

      I appreciate you sharing these two examples. Thank you so much! One with a very happy end and the other very sad. This shows indeed, how important it is to make a decision and set a goal and terminate it. 

      To make big changes in life like the ones you have described is a big challenge. A huge willpower is demanded and you have to believe in yourself. It also helps when you get supported by family and friends. Another good advice ist to find substitutes for the cravings, healthy substitutes! Remember, always keep your goal on your mind whatever you do! 

      Wish you a happy & healthy New Year!


  • Its hard to keep track of New years resolutions. You have written it in a simple and interesting way to keep anyone going who is loosing faith in themselves. A strong willpower is one them attributes that will see anyone achieving their goals. I am hoping to achieve my goals in by writing beautiful comments for people who write like you. All the best, Keep going great article.


    • Angee, thank you for your very kind reply. I’m happy to hear that you find the article interesting and helpful.

      A strong willpower is demanded, that’s true. As we often have tremendous many daily chores to do, our workplaces and families to care about, a strong willpower is needed. But as we don’t have endless power, it is easier to do small changes step by step instead of overexert oneself wanting everything happen at once. So beside willpower, patience is needed too. By changing your habits one after the other you will see that you can follow through much easier.

      Should you have any questions about health or habit change, I’d be more than pleased to help you.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!

  • Hi, Pernilla,

    I am a person who sets goals, but my weakness is staying focused. Thank you for mentioning so many strategies how to stay focused. I liked the one with starting changing a new habit in the fourth week after we have undertaken any change. Step by step could be a good strategy, and I will try it.
    Visualizing the result is good advice, too!

    Thank you for the great books of Tony Robins, by the way!

    What is your favorite focusing technique?

    Thank you

    • Hello Tony,

      I do very much appreciate your very interesting inputs and questions! Staying focused and follow the intentions through is indeed something that most people are fighting with, including me. Therefore the I have come to develop my step by step strategy. It’s so much easier to concentrate on one habit change at a time than trying to change all your habits at once.

      To motivate myself, I do visualize how it feels when I have fulfilled my goal. To keep on track I write down my goal in a small “goal” agenda. I write down what I want to have achieved on a determined date. Say for example I want to make a habit out of eating an apple five days a week. I keep the agenda in my kitchen and every day I have eaten an apple I make a note in the agenda. Having the agenda in the kitchen make me reminded of eating that apple. Every week I check if I have fulfilled my achievement. By the end of the third week, I mostly have been used to the new habit, if not, I add an extra week until eating an apple has become a natural part of your daily diet.

      I hope I could give you a satisfying answer. I’m going to elaborate on this topic in a coming blog. Looking forward to hearing from you again then.

      All the best,

  • I have never been very inspired to make New Year’s resolutions or any other time of year resolutions. I guess I had and have just frequently seen people make promises to themselves that they do not keep. I have been thinking a lot lately about commitments we make to others, and how many times have I made my commitments to myself. Do I keep them? This inspired me to look at your resolutions article. Perhaps it is time that I make a resolution, a commitment to self. Your guidance and inspiration are just what I need to motivate me to keep it. I think I will start small and work it up from there. maybe by the time 2019 comes around, I will be able to make an actual New Years resolution.

    • Hello Christina,

      For most people, the New Year Resolutions ends rather quickly. We have the best intentions but mostly we can’t manage to follow through. We just want to change too many things at once or we want the change to happen fast. When it is not fast enough we tend to give up. I have myself given up on many resolutions in my life. When I started to change my thought pattern I was able to make a commitment to myself and follow it through. We can start any time of the year and change one thing after the other, instead of trying to change many things altogether.

      My tip is, do not wait until the new year, start already today with changing one habit. By the end of the year, you will see you have accomplished great many more changes, than ever before. On the New Years Eve, you can celebrate your achievements of the past year and happily look forward to the coming year.

      Always enjoy reading your comments! Happy you get inspired by reading my posts.

      All the best,

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