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There are millions of product offers in your letter box, in the stationary stores and online as well as in your email box. It is rather overwhelming sorting out all this information and in the end be able to choose the right product and get the best value for the money.

In order to help you save time and frustration in finding  a suitable product, I have sorted out and reviewed products which will help you to achieve your goal getting fit and healthy. Additional product reviews will be added continuously.

If you have questions or if you would like to give a feedback about a product, please do leave me a message below. I do appreciate to hear any of your experiences.


Feel it, plan it, live it!


2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Pernilla,
    How did you know that Red Raspberries are my favorite. Nice opening picture with them. They are healthy for you as you know.

    We have Red Raspberries bushes and we made 5 pies this year they were great.

    You have a wonderful website because we do need healthier lives.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Bobby!

      Thank you so much for your compliment about my website. I love raspberries too. Mmmm, raspberry pie, how delicious!

      Yes, in the todays world there is a lot of hectic and we often do not take the time to think over what we are eating. We often eat something “To go” and there are many tempting hearty food and sweets to choose among. My aim is to help people to make healthier choises and show how we can integrate this in our daily lives as easy as possible. Anyhow, I think we may allow ourselves to eat a delicious slice of raspberry pie, an ice cream or whatever your favourite is, at special occasions or at the weekends. We just may not exaggerate eating too much or too often of the “unhealthy” food/sweets.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


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