Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a cure for ageing? The science has not found a cure yet, but they are working on finding it. Meanwhile, we can help ourselves by making the right choices in life. Ageing is a process each and everybody goes through life. We sure all wish to stay vital, young and healthy as long as possible. The ageing process depends on our genetic heritage and on our lifestyle choices. There is not much do to about the genetic we have inherited but we can choose our lifestyle and make choices that prolong our healthy lifespan and youthful appearance. The good news is that only one third depends on the genetics and as much as two-thirds depends on our lifestyle.

Moringa is one of the great choices you can make in order to prevent chronical diseases and prolong your life. Continue to read and you’ll get to know about the amazing health benefits and also the side effects of the Miracle Tree Moringa.



What is Moringa?


Moringa is known as «The Tree of Life» or «The Miracle Tree» because of it’s high nutritious value. It is also called «Drumstick Tree» because of the long, slender, triangular seed-pods and ”Horseradish Tree” because of the taste of the roots, which resembles horseradish.

Moringa is a tree native to India. It preferably grows in dry parts of the world like in Africa, parts of Asia and South America. It is an incredibly fast growing tree and can reach 8 meters (26 feet) within a year.

This tree can endure almost every hardship; drought, pests, and diseases. It only needs light and warmth, and it doesn’t need any fertilizer to grow. What it doesn’t like at all, is cold weather and waterlogged soil. Therefore it can be hard to plant Moringa at northern latitudes where it often is raining, snowing and with colder temperatures than 75 Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celcius).


Moringa Oleifera Trees


Why is the Moringa tree so valuable?


It is so valuable because so many parts are edible and have got healing effects.

Moringa is said to have herbal medicinal properties, those I will talk to you about in the coming paragraphs. It is also used for water purification or hand washing as it is a natural disinfectant. In India and in Egypt it has been known to be a remedy for several thousand years.




Moringa leavesThe most nutritious part of the tree are the leaves.

You can eat the leaves cooked just like spinach.

The leaves can be dried and be crushed to a powder (moringa extract), which can be used in for example sauces and soups.

Tea can also be made out of dried moringa leaves.

Moringa has got a very special taste. Should you not like it that much, but you still want to benefit from the healthy moringa than I suggest you to eat moringa capsules.




Moringa barkThe bark is used as a medical treatment by stomach-, tooth- and earaches.

Be aware: Do Not eat any medicine or food containing Moringa bark during pregnancy. It can cause miscarriage.





Moringa flowerThe flowers can be harvested all year around. You can eat them just like they are, adding them to a salad or boil them in water into a tea.





Moringa fruit drumstickThe fruits are the immature seed pods and are also called «drumstick» because of their appearance.

The taste reminds of asparagus. The fruits can be prepared just like string beans; boiled, steamed or stewed.





Moringa seedsThe seeds mature in the seed pods (the fruits).

The moringa seeds have got an extraordinary strong antibacterial effect.

They can be eaten like peas and roasted like nuts.



Moringa Seed Oil


Moringa oilThe oil is produced out of the Moringa seeds.

The Moringa seed oil is also called ben oil because it contains a high concentration of behenic acid.

It is great as a facial treatment, against skin irritation and blemishes, and it is of course also edible and can, for example, be added to salads and sprinkled on vegetables.





The roots can be used as a remedy in various ways. It is often used to heal gum diseases by chewing a bit of a moringa root. It can also be used externally for relieving joint pain.

Be aware: When pregnant, do Not use the moringa root by any means, it can cause miscarriage.


When you buy Moringa products, make sure that it is made out of Moringa Oleifera.
The other 12 Moringa tree species have by far not the same healing power.



What is the nutritional value of Moringa?


Moringa is considered a superfood with full rights because it is one of the most nutritious foods and the healing effects are numerous.

Let’s have a look at the substances this miraculous tree provides with:

Plant substances


Moringa contains an exceptionally high amount of plant substances which among other things promotes the immune system, kills bacteria and viruses, and neutralise free radicals.




Free radicals are oxygen compounds that are formed due to, for example, exposure to UV radiants in the sunlight, breathing in pollutants, drinking alcohol, smoking or eating fried food. The free radicals cause cell damage when «attacking» cells. The antioxidants can neutralise the free radicals by voluntary leave an electron without getting in imbalance itself. Therefore it is so important to eat salad, vegetables and fruit. Moringa has got in comparison to other plants the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity.




Moringa contains a lot of vitamins. As a comparison it contains :

-          4 times more Vitamin A and 2,5 times more of Carotenes than a carrot

-          7 times more Vitamin C than an orange




Moringa is rich in minerals. For example:

-          15 times more Potassium than in bananas

-          17 times more Calcium than in milk

-          25 times more Iron than in spinach




Moringa is very rich in proteins and can provide the body with as much as 18 out of 22 amino acids that it needs to function properly. For example, Moringa has:

-          1,5 times more amino acids than eggs

-          2 times as much protein as soya


Moringa Extract


What are the Health Benefits of Moringa?


Everyone can profit from eating Moringa, all people of all ages, except for women when pregnant and nursing.

Here are the most obvious health benefits listed:

Prevents Inflammation


Inflammation is a sign that the body has got a wound, injury, pathogens or damaged tissue, which it is trying to heal itself. The immune system is triggered to take action. When the inflammation persists for a long time it has become chronic, like for example asthma or arthritis. Moringa helps to prevent inflammation, by supporting the immune system.


Supports Anti-Aging


The extremely high oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) of the moringa antioxidants helps to fight chronic diseases like hypertension, cancer, diabetes, and also eye-related problems.

Moringa is a good source of estrogen. This substance makes you looking young and also helps you to slow down the ageing process and the harmful oxidative stress.


Regulates the blood sugar level


Moringa contains isothiocyanates which are a natural protection against diabetes. The moringa leaves also contain chlorogenic acid which helps to regulate the blood sugar level.


Detoxifies the body


Moringa is anti-bacterial and it also helps to remove harmful toxins. It is the substance chlorophyll that helps to flush out the toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Studies on mice and rats have shown that an intake of moringa leaves and seeds can protect against arsenic toxicity.  No studies have been made with humans yet, but the animal studies are very promising.


Enhances the Mood


Moringa stimulates the release of serotonin, a chemical which contributes to happy feelings and wellbeing. The amino acid tryptophan also contributes to stabilizing the mood.


Nourishes and Protects Skin and Hair


Thanks to the high protein content and the hydrating and detoxifying ability, moringa is an excellent help for protecting skin cells from damage. Moringa also helps to keep your hair strong and well nourished.

Plants contain a substance named Zeatin. This substance makes the plant grow. Moringa has got thousandfold more Zeatin content than any other plant. This explains its rapid growth – do you remember what I told you at the beginning of this article? That a moringa tree can grow to 8 metres high (26 feet) in its first year!  The best thing with Zeatin is that it slows down the ageing of the cells. That's why it is so important to eat a lot of plant-based food and especially superfoods like moringa make your cells to stay younger for a longer time. It is not only good against wrinkles but also helps to prevent skin blemishes and skin inflammations.


Supports Weight Loss


Studies have shown that moringa extract supports weight loss. Moringa contains mustard essences which stimulate the digestion and helps the body to convert fats into energy and to lower the ”bad” cholesterol LDL in the blood.



Question Mark  Are there any Side Effects and Risks?


There are almost none side effects by using moringa, neither when eating it or when applying it on the skin.


There are some cautions to be aware of :


Make sure that you choose a product made out of Moringa Oleifera. This is the most nutritious moringa tree species.

Do read the label of the moringa product and make sure that it is a pure Moringa product and not a synthetic version, which can cause harmful side effects.


Symbol Stop  Risks:


Do NOT use Moringa during pregnancy and nursing your child. For sensitive persons, it could cause contraction of the womb and possibly lead to miscarriage. Therefore it is better for all pregnant women to avoid moringa during this period of their lives – especially avoid the roots, bark and flowers.


If you take medication, please, consult a physician before starting a daily intake of moringa products.  Especially if :


  • You are on diabetes medication. Moringa lowers the blood sugar level additionally and it may get too low. Your physician can help you to adjust your diabetes medication if you want to add Moringa to your daily diet.
  • You are taking hypertension medication. Moringa doe also helps to lower the blood pressure so if you add it to your daily diet your blood pressure may get too low.
  • You are taking medications against thyroid problems. You must not take those medicines in combination with moringa. Discuss it with your physician and he can give you advice if it is possible to leave the medications be and instead use moringa.


To Sum It Up


Moringa is a real superfood which helps you to have a healthier, longer life and a younger look with a healthy skin, glowing hair and an energetic feeling.


Energetic feeling


By eating moringa daily you help the body to fight serious diseases like:


  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Hypertension
  • Kidney disorder
  • Arthritis


It helps the body to:


  • Prevent inflammations
  • Detox itself
  • Improve the digestion of food
  • Better convert fat into energy
  • Regulate the blood sugar level
  • Improve the eye health
  • Slow down the ageing of the cells



Make your choice for a healthier life today!


Here you can purchase your Moringa products:

Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Healthy Products



Discover The Miracles of Moringa

Do you know Moringa?
Please share your tips. I'd love to hear your experiences.

If you have any questions about healthy living,
I'm here for you.


8 Thoughts on “Moringa Health Benefits and Side Effects”

  • I have not heard of Moringa. Now, thanks to your article, I know about this awesome tree. Almost every part of the tree is useful and has really wonderful healing properties! I am truly amazed!

    I like how you presented each part of the tree, and how it can be consumed. And of course, very useful to know there are pills to take for people who do not have access to this tree, its parts or even time to cook.

    Ooooooh! It helps diabetes! Brilliant! I must try this now! Once again, Thanks!!!

    • Hello Timotheus,

      I´m so happy to hear that you enjoyed reading my article about Moringa and that you learned something new. Yes, it is an excellent food for your body and brain. One of the positive things is that it helps to regulate the blood sugar level and that means it is perfect to add to the daily diet for people who have got diabetes. The detoxifying effects are also good for you who have diabetes because getting rid of the toxins in the body helps it to function better overall.

      I really can recommend you to try it out, but please – very important – talk to your physician first especially if you are taking medication for diabetes.

      All the best,

  • I had heard of Moringa but never knew it had so many health benefits! This may be a new one I need to add to my herbal diet and lifestyle. I can see why it is called the tree of life or the miracle tree. The values from leaf to root are invaluable! Many plants and herbs can be limited on parts fo the plant available for safe use. When you find one that has value in all – it is a keeper! I am wondering as a tree native of India what the climate requirements may be to keep a tree like this growing? I know I would not see the benefits on a homegrown tree in my lifetime but would love to try to grow one if it fits my zone.

    • Hello Christina,

      I’m so delighted to receive your comment. Yes, wouldn’t it be lovely to have your own moringa tree in the garden? The moringa tree loves a dry, warm and bright climate. It needs a temperature of 75 to 95 Fahrenheit to feel comfortable and grow well. If you have a greenhouse with a high roof you can try to grow your own moringa tree. Remember it doesn’t like waterlogged soil at all. At the zone of your home it will probably not grow as much as 26 feet in one year like it does in Africa or India, but if you treat it well it would probably grow some 3 feet. The biggest problem would be to bring it through the dark and cold winter season.
      Wish you great fun growing your own Miracle Tree,

  • Hi, Pernilla,
    This is a very interesting read and until now, I have never heard of a tree called Moringa.
    My husband and I do have some health concerns we certainly want to be improved for the better and I see to use Moringa would be a good choice.

    I am not sure if we can get it here in Canada but I will ask our local Health Food Store and if they can get it for us.

    I have saved your website and will read more on your other articles.
    I appreciate all the details you do provide in your article.
    Thank you

    • Hello Sylvia,

      Thank you so much for your comment. It’s so very nice to hear that you could learn something new by reading my post about the miracle tree Moringa. I add Moringa to my daily diet for about four years now. Since I started to do exercises 4-6 times a week, adding coconut oil, chia seeds and Moringa powder I feel much healthier and I don’t catch a cold as often as I did before. I really can recommend you to try out Moringa too. If you have any questions or need some more tips on how to use it, please contact me.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!

  • Good afternoon Pernilla,

    I was familiar with the name but to tell you the truth I knew very little about all the health aspects of the Moringa tree.
    Your post provides a lot of information and I think it would be a clever idea to introduce the Moringa into my life.
    My genetic inheritance is quite good but as you say only represents one third so we have to take good care what kind of lifestyle we adopt.
    It is a shame I cannot grow this tree on my farm as it does get below 25 C. I would be especially interested to see what improvement I can gain for my eyes and weight. As I sit too long at the computer these 2 areas pose a problem.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Good evening Taetske,

      I appreciate your comment very much, thank you. It is so good to know I could provide you with information that can help you to improve your health and wellbeing.

      Yes, I can absolutely recommend you to add the beneficial moringa powder, leaves and oil to your daily diet. I do myself eat moringa extract in capsules each day and use the moringa oil for my face. Of course, you can add moringa powder and oil for salad dressing too. There are plenty of ways to use it in your everyday cooking.

      I’d love to have a moringa tree as well. It is fascinating that they grow so fast. Unfortunately, the weather is much too cold here where I live too.
      If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me at any time.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life,

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