That’s the question: How to start exercising for beginners?

In our hectic everyday life, we mostly just don’t find the time or strength to even think about doing any exercises. We work overtime, we work at home doing necessary chores, we take care of the family and in the end, we do not think about ourselves.

Believe me, it is not selfish to see to your own health, because if you get sick you won’t be able to help anyone anymore. If you get burned-out you won’t be able to work properly at your workplace nor at home.

I’d really like to give you some motivation to think over your situation and give you tips and hints. First, it’s good to know why something is good to do. So please, read the following paragraphs.

In the following blog, I’ll give you tips on how to start doing exercises for beginners, as easy and motivating as possible. At the end of this article, you’ll get some tips on how to integrate easy exercises into your everyday life.


Why is it so important to do physical exercises?


Physical exercise is one of the most important things we can do if we want to have a long healthy and painless life.

Regular physical exercise has got many positive effects on our health and on our well-being in general.

Our body is not created to sit around, it is meant to be used. As the saying goes: “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. It is just like with a car, if it only stands in the garage year after year not being used, it won’t be able to take a drive with it, not without a thoroughly made service and repair work. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy to repair a badly treated body as a car. Nevertheless, our body has got a huge potential to repair itself if we change our ways of living and start to treat it with care.

One of the most effective ways to turn your body and mind healthy, besides enough sleep and healthy food, is physical exercise.


Physical activity often is the best medicine.”


10 reasons why physical exercises are healthy:


1. It helps to lose and maintain weight

The metabolism gets stimulated and become more active. Metabolism is the process that causes food to be used for energy and growth. The body needs a certain amount of energy to keep it functioning and alive depending on gender, age, body composition, activity level and health status.

The simplest equation is:
If we spend more energy than we have taken to us, we lose weight.
If we eat more than we need, we gain weight.

So, if we do physical exercises, we spend more energy and the fat burning gets stimulated. Another positive effect is that the body builds up muscles, which helps us to spend more energy and burn fat, even in the recovery phase.


2. It is stress reducing

When doing physical exercises, the body produces stress-reducing hormones. These make you feel relaxed. More oxygen reaches the organs and the brain and so we can think more clearly.


3. It helps to get a better sleep

Physical activity improves the quality of your sleep and increases the sleep duration because of the stress reducing and body relaxing effect.

It is not recommended though, to do physical exercises too close to bedtime as the body and mind need some time to calm down afterward.


4. It strengthens the heart and the circulation system

Regular exercise improves your heart’s ability to pump and helps keep your arteries and veins toned.


5. It strengthens the immune system

Exercising at a moderate intensity helps the body resist a variety of diseases and conditions.


6. It strengthens the bones

As we get older our bones get thinner and weaker, we lose bone mineral strength. Thanks to physical exercise we can maintain our bone’s health. It’s recommended to do resistance training, weight-lifting or similar kind of muscle training, at least one hour per week.


7. It prevents diseases, like for example heart- and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and depression 

These are some examples of why physical activity helps to prevent diseases:
– It reduces the blood pressure – it decreases the blood coagulation
– It improves the coronary blood flow
– It improves the insulin sensitivity
– It reduces systemic inflammation


8. It expands your lifespan

A study about how physical activity affects our life expectancy was published Nov. 6, 2012 in the journal “Public Library of Science (PLOS) Medicine”.

This study says:

“When the researchers considered all study participants they found that those who did 75 minutes of moderate-intensity activity weekly lived 1.8 years longer, on average, compared with people who did no physical activity.

Greater amounts of physical activity were associated with additional life expectancy gains. At the highest level of activity – 450 minutes per week – the gain was 4.5 years.”


9. You get a younger appearance

Several studies (for example at McMaster University in Ontario) have been done on this topic and it has been revealed that physical exercises:

– Keeps your skin soft and glowing

– Benefits upright posture, especially by muscle training

Improves the flexibility of your body, especially by stretching exercises

Improves the blood flow

Slows down cell aging

Sharpens your memory


10. It makes you happy!

When exercising the body produces endorphins that get released to the brain. A protein named BDNB (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) also get released to the brain. These two substances make us feel at ease and happy after exercising. That’s the chemical answer why it makes us feel happy.
Of course, it’s obvious that we are more likely to feel happy if we are feeling well in our body and mind.



As you can see, we can only benefit from doing physical exercises, it helps us to stay healthy and young, we can even expand our lifespan and we get a good mood. So, let’s start getting active. There are a lot of small things in the daily life which we can change in order to bring more movement into our lives.


Here are some very easy exercises which you can integrate
in your everyday life:


Use the stairs instead of the lift or moving stairs.

Go by bicycle to work/school instead of by car/bus.

Leave the bus a few stations earlier and walk the rest of the way home.

Instead of sitting all of your lunch breaks, do take a short walk after having had your meal.

Instead of watching TV after your evening meal, take a walk in the surroundings a couple of times per week.

While talking on the phone stand upright/walk around instead of sitting down.

Turn on some music and dance around at home or sign up for a dance course.

Play around with your children.

Ask a neighbour for walking their dog (I recommend to get familiar with the dog first).


Let’s live an active happy life!


Please, leave a comment if you have any questions or if you’d like to share your experiences.

14 Thoughts on “How to Start Exercising for Beginners”

    • Hello James!

      Your input is very much appreciated. That’s a great idea to use a heart-rate-monitor. It certainly is a good device to help beginners do workout or other physical exercises at the right intensity. For more advandced people and also for athletes, a heart-rate-monitor can help to track their progress.

      Wish you fun by exercising and a happy & healthy life!


  • Love this article and the pictures. Important for us to know the “why” to do activities so that we can’t hide in thousands reasons to avoid exercise, lol. It is easy to make reasons but “the strong why” will keep us on track in keeping our health.

    • Hello Melani!

      Thank you very much for your comment. Happy you like my article. Yes, it’s true, if we know why it is so healthy to do exercises, this can motivate us to take the step to a more active life. Many people just don’t allow themselves to do things for themselves, because they feel it is more important to do things for other people like their family, friends, working colleagues, the boss and even for the neighbours. In the end they end up sick and have got pain in their body and mind and can’t help anyone anymore. We should all keep in our mind, that we have to care for ourselves, then we have a better life and can spend quality time with family and friends.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • Hi Pernilla,
    Great article on exercising for beginners. The benefits you mentioned undoubtably will motivate your readers in to starting a daily exercise plan to improve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. I myself exercise daily and find that it not only keeps me physically fit but also keeps me mentally fit and focused. Thanks for sharing these examples of everyday exercises that we can incorporate in our daily activities.

    • Hello Jerome,

      It’s great to hear your opinion about my article, thank you so much! I’m happy that you agree and that you also prove it to be true as you confirm that you feel fitter both physically and mentally by doing exercises daily. I do myself exercise at least 4-5 days a week and since I started doing exercises reguarly for about 10 years ago I feel much fitter by all means.

      For beginners it can be hard to start doing exercises, but by starting with the everyday exercises, which we should stick on to, we can gain a healthier life step by step and hopefully find pleasure in exercises like walking, jogging, biking or other physical activities further on.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • Hi Pernilla,

    I liked your post. I thought it was very informative and to the point! I liked your 10 step program also! Have been lax at exercising lately, have been thinking of joining the Y again, just so I can use the weights and swim. I liked the point also to start out slow, which I agree with! Reminds me of the saying; “Slow and Steady Wins The Race”!

    • Hello Tim!

      It so good to hear that you got motivated doing exercises after having read this post. That’s exactly the aim of mine to motivate people changing their life to a healthier one.

      The tricky thing is to follow through with our good intentions. What helps is to decide in advance when I’m going to do exercises – what days in the week, at what time of the day. Note it in your agenda or make a reminder call with help of an app. Handle this exercise appointment like any other appointments and just do it – it’ll prolong your life, it will make you feel younger and even pain will disappear.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!

  • Tips on how to start exercising for beginners.
    You know it’s funny…. at first I thought that this post was not for me, but then I had to stop and think about it and it really made me think that really, I just don’t get enough exercise into my day.
    Doesn’t that sound weird…. so yes. If I was to start exercising again I really would need to start at the beginners level.
    I like that it is stress reducing and will get you a better night sleep as well.
    Thanks for giving me a poke and getting me moving again. I really appreciate that.

    • Hello Glenys!

      How wonderful if my post inspires you to do more exercises. One of the best things is actually the stress reducing effect. Negative stress is very unhealthy for the body because of the release of hormones that raises the hearbeat and the blood pressure. If we are stressed over and over again, it can become chronical and disturb the body repair functions and your heart must work too hard for too long. A better sleep benefits you in many different ways – a sound sleep is the best way to rejuvenate yourself and makes you think and concentrate better.

      It can be hard to start doing exercises in the beginning but, when you have made a habit out of it, then you don´t want to miss the relaxing feeling afterwards. If you have any questions or need some tips how to stay motivated, don´t hesitate contacting me.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!

  • Amen lets live a more active life. You hit the nail on the head when it comes to taking care of ourselves. That is something that I have been slacking on especially through the winter time. Now that gardening season has started the exercising is also starting and also my time to blog is going to be cut into. Like you said in your article 75 minutes 1.8 years added let’s do the 450 minutes per week and add 4.5 years.

    • Hello Fred,

      Appreciate your comment on this post very much. Physical exercise is so important, but due to very busy lives, many people neglect it. We try to save time wherever we can, being there for family, friends, the employer, and work colleagues. In the end, we get chronical diseases, which can go so far, that we can’t be there for our loved ones as we used to be. We must keep in mind, that it is not egoistic to take care of your own health. That is always the first priority.

      Once you have started doing regular exercises, you don’t want to miss it. Gardening is great, you get much fresh air and exercise, just be careful not to overwork your body. For the winter season, you could choose to do some exercise with help of training programs on YouTube if you rather don’t leave the house. 30 minutes training 3 to 4 times a week is a great investment for the future. If you want more detailed tips, don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Have fun exercising in the garden!


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