Throughout our path of life, we have got accustomed to do things automatically. We have developed habits for almost everything we do, we even don’t realise certain movements.

This started as soon as we got borne. A baby learns immediately that food or comfort will be given as soon as it starts to cry. Walking, bicycling and driving a car, we have once learned and further on it is an automatic action you do without reflecting about. Why is that? It is a way for our brain to relieve itself and to make it possible for us to use our capacity for more important tasks, but also lifesaving at the beginning of mankind when people lived amongst wild animals.

An average day

Have you thought about how you start your day? You most certainly have developed some morning routines like brushing your teeth and eat breakfast. Most people have once got used to eat the same breakfast meal, day after day, year after year.

Then you rush to work, stressing around doing your tasks and soon you feel craving for something to eat or drink. At lunch, you do not pay attention to what you are eating. After all it is lunchtime, then you are supposed to eat if you are hungry or not, and anyhow you deserve to eat something that soothes your stressed mind. You rush back to work and in the afternoon, you feel very tired and sometimes lethargic – you need some energy, get a coffee and a donut around the corner. Back to work and for a short while you feel recharged with new energy. All too soon this fuel is depleted and when your working day is finished you are completely exhausted. You only want to sit down doing nothing but eat and relax on the couch in front of the television. Family and friends come short and you feel as you are caught in a hamster wheel.

How to change your life?

I have been searching for a definitive solution for several years now. It just doesn’t help buying a diet book or a fitness DVD. The initial intention is motivating you to start changing your life but the important thing is to follow through with these changes.

Suddenly I came across a book, which caught my interest. It’s about how to change your habits.

If we change our habits, we can change our lives to the better.

This was a revelation for me. It sounds easy enough, but only if you understand how habits work you will know how to change a bad habit into a healthy habit.

So please, follow me on this journey of change. You will find out:

  • How habits work
  • How to analyse your habits (What are your habits now)
  • How to change your habits
  • How to follow through with living a healthy life

You will succeed as long as you believe!