Easy Step for Healthy Living Number 2


Eat more Nuts


By having read my Blog "Why you should go Nuts for Nuts" you know the amazing benefits of eating nuts.


Next step is to implement this in your daily life:


Add nuts to your breakfast


Replace unhealthy snack with healthy nuts


 Use nuts in salads and in cooked dishes



Useful Tips and Tricks


Always have a supply of different kinds of nuts at home. Remember what I told you in my Nut-blog: Buy a real lot of nuts when there is a promotion price and put them in the freezer. Yes, you can freeze the nuts, which makes them storable up to one year. In this way you can save money and you always have your nut supply secured.

All nuts are healthy, but the best thing is to regularly eat a mix of all kind of nuts as each nut has got different main benefits.

It is also good to eat unroasted as well as roasted nuts. When nuts are heated they lose some benefits but they gain other instead.

I use to roast nuts once a week and save them in an airtight box. You can roast them for some minutes either in a frying pan or in an oven. Caution: Don't heat them too long, they must not get black! The roasted aroma makes them taste even better. Nevertheless remember to eat unroasted nuts as well.


Healthy breakfast with nuts

Power Breakfast


Add a mix of nuts to your yoghurt together with fresh fruits or/an berries in the mornings.  



Healthy snack with berries and nuts

Power Snack


Combining nuts with fruits like apples, pears, oranges, apricots and bananas makes a particularly high-quality snack for in between the meals.  



Healthy meal

Power Food


Nuts are also an excellent addition to the main meals. I spread ground nuts over baked vegetables, or I add them to green and mixed salads.  






You’ll see, replacing a sweet snack with delicious and healthy nuts, are going to make you feel fitter and less tired throughout the day.


You will also soon remark that you can concentrate better on your tasks and get less irritated.


Another great benefit is that nuts are very handy to take along to your workplace and when you are on the go somewhere, for example on long flights, car or bus tours.


Tiny power Pack, just the perfect Snack


If you have any great Nut-Tips or any questions around nuts, please leave a comment below.


14 Thoughts on “Habit Changer: Nuts”

  • Hi Pernilla
    I was pleasantly surprised to learn that roasted nuts are actually healthy too. I used to avoid roasted nut, thinking that it must be unhealthy – but now I will make a point to incorporate some roasted nuts. Do you add any oil to the pan when roasting the nuts, or do you just roast them by themselves?

    • Hello again Sharlee!

      Yes, roasted nuts are healthy too, but we may not heat them so long that they get a too dark colour. The most comfortable way to roast nuts is in the oven. You can roast them in a pan too, but they get a more uneven colour, and can easily get black on the spot lying downwards. I do not add any oil neither in the oven nor in the pan. Well, it depends on what sort of pan you have.

      Wish you great fun roasting your nuts, spreads a delicious smell in your home!


      • Hallo Pernilla
        Thank you for your reply about how to roast the nuts. I don’t use our oven too often, but I’ll first try roasting it in the pan. Thank you for mentioning the darker spots and uneven roasting, now that I know what to be attentive to, I will make sure that I stir it frequently.

  • Thank you for these great ideas on how to eat nuts throughout the day! I love the idea of mixing them with fruit or yogurt. Delicious! I think I will buy them in those little packages to carry with me to eat throughout the day as well, which will be great to give me more energy. I get tired at the end of my work day, and so maybe this will help! Roasting them sounds amazing, too! Thanks!

    • Hello Amy,

      I’m so pleased to hear that you like my tips! That’s a great idea to take little nut packages with you at work. When I’m away from home, I take nuts with me in my bag. Then I get less tempted to buy something. Mostly it’s hard to find a healthy snack when you are someplace unfamiliar. I use to roast nuts once a week, then I have delicious nuts all week and save time as well. It also smells delicious at home after having roasted the nuts.

      Enjoy the delicious and healthy nuts.

  • I love nuts so this may be an easy habit changer. Do you recommend a specific nut option as the best choice? I know you said a mix. The cost can get up there though. If I had to make few select choices what should they be? I like all of them but I have a very large fondness for pistachios and cashews. I have heard a lot about almonds. On my nut list, they are on the lower end of like. They are good in things but I have a hard time just munching on those.
    I am growing peanuts this year, but I have heard they are a legume. Are they still a nut?

    • Hello Christina,

      So great to find another nut-loving person! Nuts are a wonderful and easy habit changer. You are right, nuts can be costly when eating a lot of them. Did you notice my tip to freeze nuts? Perhaps you could buy in bigger bulks, and in that way get them to a lower price. You can keep the nuts up to a year in the freezer and they still are fresh.

      If I must select the healthiest nuts then it would be walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews. If you don’t like the taste of almonds, do roast them, then they taste much better. I love roasted nuts, especially roasted almonds and hazelnuts. Cashews taste good either way, but walnuts are better eaten raw. Walnuts can get a bitter taste when roasting them.

      Peanuts are legumes, that’s right and belong to the same plant family like beans and peas. But as the peanuts have got the consistency of a nut and similar substances it is often considered to belong to the nut family. Peanuts are healthier than they were told to be in the past, of course when eaten unsalted and unsweetened.

      Enjoy delicious and healthy nuts!


      • I do enjoy walnuts and pecans as well. Growing up we had 8 black walnut trees in our front yard. They were messy to clean up and I never appreciated their value 🙁 Now I wish I had one. I will look at roasting almonds and see if that helps. Shaved in a salad I enjoy them. Just something about the flavor plain is not my favorite. Hazelnut is a flavor I enjoy I will look at getting some of those as well. Thank you again for the tips.

        • Christina, that’s great to hear that you want to try to roast almonds and see if you like the flavour better. Happy that you like my tips.

          I appreciate your comments a lot. Already looking forward to reading more from you!


  • Such a good information and tips that you have shared in this article. You have created a good site and have given great suggestions which are very useful to us. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it’s amazing.

    • Thank you so much for leaving your very kind comment. It’s so nice to hear that you like my website and that you appreciate the information and my tips. This motivates me very much to go on writing and sharing my knowledge about healthy living and how to change habits.

      If you have any questions concerning healthy living, I’d be very glad to help you.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  • Hi, Pernilla,

    Another bunch of great tips from you!

    Is it ok if we roast nuts in a micro oven?
    Is it ok, if we eat nuts late in the evening?

    Thank you

    • Hello Tony,

      Great questions! Yes, you can roast nuts in a microwave oven. If you don’t have an oven it’s an option. It doesn’t save you much time using the microwave compared to the oven, and they don’t get the nice roasted colour. Put the nuts on a microwave-safe plate, and roast them in one-minute intervals until they get a fine crispy bite and roasted flavour. For how long, depends on what kind of nut and if they were frozen or had room temperature.

      Yes, of course, you can eat nuts in the evening. They have got healthy proteins and healthy fat. They don’t contain much carbohydrates (sugar and starches), which are the foods you should rather avoid in the evenings. But you should not eat food shortly before going to bed, it should be at least two hours in between.

      Enjoy the delicious nuts!

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