Habit Changer: Nuts


By having read my Blog “Why you should go Nuts for Nuts” you know the amazing benefits of eating Nuts.







Next step is to implement this in your daily life:

Add nuts to your breakfast

Replace unhealthy snack with healthy nuts

Use nuts in salads and in cooked dishes


Useful Tipps and Tricks

Always have a supply of different kinds of nuts at home. Remember what I told you in my Nut-blog: Buy a real lot of nuts when there is a promotion price and put them in the freezer. Yes, you can freeze the nuts, which makes them storable up to one year. In this way you can save money and you always have your nut supply secured.

All nuts are healthy, but the best thing is to regularly eat a mix of all kind of nuts as each nut has got different main benefits.

It is also good to eat unroasted as well as roasted nuts. When nuts are heated they lose some benefits but they gain other instead.

I use to roast nuts once a week and save them in an airtight box. You can roast them for some minutes either in a frying pan or in an oven. Caution: Don’t heat them too long, they must not get black! The roasted aroma makes them taste even better. Nevertheless remember to eat unroasted nuts as well.



Add a mix of nuts to your yoghurt together  with fresh fruits or/an berries in the mornings.



Nuts are also an excellent addition to the main meals. I spread ground nuts over gratins or I add them to green and mixed sallads.



Combining nuts with fruits like apples, pears, oranges, apricots and bananas makes a particularly high-quality snack for in between the meals.




You’ll see, replacing a sweet snack with delicious and healthy nuts, are going to make you feel fitter and less tired throughout the day.

You will also soon remark that you can concentrate better on your tasks and get less irritated.

Another great benefit is that nuts are very handy to take along to your workplace and when you are on the go somewhere, for example on long flights, car or bus tours.



Tiny power Pack, just the perfect Snack


If you have any great Nut-Tips or any questions around nuts, please leave a comment down below.

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