Habit Changer: Water

Easy Step for Healthy Living:

Start drinking a glass of water together with a meal, instead of sweetened drinks and juices,
at least with one meal per day during one week.

The following week I suggest you to drink only water together with all meals.

If you wish to drink sweetened drinks in between the meals, it’s up to you.

The final goal is to make water your main drink, and only drink sweetened drinks occasionally.

Put any berries or fruit and some ice cubes into the water – just delicious for inbetween.

Be kind to yourself – live happy and healthy!


Please leave a comment and tell about your Habit-Changer experiences.

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them.

8 thoughts on “Habit Changer: Water

  1. What a great place to start the journey toward a healthy life! Water is the best addition to any lifestyle – more of it is better for us in nearly any situation (not so much if you’re drowning…).

    Many of my family and friends have had the sweet drink habit for much of their lives, and they carry extra weight and health problems because of it. I kicked that habit a couple of decades ago for the most part, though I do offer myself the occasional treat of Mexican hot chocolate. Just had some this morning, and it’s not a problem for me once or twice a week or less. At least it doesn’t impact my weight.

    Can you offer any ideas for the truly sugar-addicted folks who must have sweet fizzy drinks throughout the day? These sweet drinks are extremely powerful at holding people in addiction. My wife has a cousin who can’t seem to stop even when the doctor tells her it’s threatening her life.

    Thanks again for a great article,

    • Hello Steve!

      How wonderful to read your comment. Yes, water is essential to life, water is the most refreshing drink when you are really thirsty, water is healthy and helps the body to clean and heal itself.

      I used to drink almost only sweetened drinks, but since more than 10 years ago I quit that unhealthy habit. I still drink a fruit juice or a sweetened drink but only occasionally and never together with a meal. Because the aromes of the meal tastes better and more intense when drinking water instead of lemonades or other sweetened and flavoured drinks.

      My tip for your family and friends are that they change their habits step by step. My experience is that it is much easier that way then to quit immediately.

      The 1. step: dilute the sweet drink with water whenever eating a meal. Inbetween the meals they can behave as usual. Follow this through for one month.

      The 2. step: start drinking plain water together with the meals. Inbetween the meals they can behave as usual. Follow this through for one month.

      The 3. step: when they drink something inbetween the meals, they should dilute the sweet drinks with water and once again follow this through for one month.

      The 4. and final step: drink only unsweetened drinks (water, tea or coffee) also inbetween the meals. I recommend to eat a fresh fruit or dried fruit when the craving for sweet drinks is too strong.

      The main thing is to find a substitute for the sweet drinks, and replace it step by step with a less unhealthy alternative, until the body gets used to the new habit.

      Steve, I hope this tip will help your family and friends. If you have any questions please contact me at any time.

      Wish you a happy & healthy life!


  2. This may be just the approach that will work for the lady I’m most concerned about. Of course individual differences make approaches better for some people than for others. I’m in the ‘quit cold turkey’ category of habit change. The best armament I can have when I need to change a habit is to know that somebody has predicted that I can’t do it. Then I’m determined to prove them wrong, and I think of that nay-sayer every time I’m tempted. I believe I’m the exception, rather than typical, however.
    We will give your approach a try if we can convince her to take the plunge.
    Thanks so much Pernilla.

    • Hello again Steve,

      I appreciate your feedback about my recommendations how to break the habit of consuming sweet drinks. I’m convinced that it will work out, the most important thing though is that the person in question want by herself to change the habit. Should you need any further tips and recommendations, please don’t hesitate contacting me again.

      All the best,

  3. Jessica says:

    Hello Pernilla,

    I am lucky drinking lots of water is a good habit I have always had but it amazes me how some people seem to live on soda or other drinks!

    For a short period of time I worked in a large office building for ConocoPhillips (the oil company) and there was a cafeteria downstairs. It was so easy to get lunch every day and get a large soda at the machine! It was cheap and lasted me all day. I thought it was a great deal at the time. I quickly realized it was not a great deal since it made me feel terrible. I would get diet soda but the carbonation was hard on my stomach still. My stomach would hurt every day.

    That was the end of my short lived soda habit! Now I have little occasionally but I know that too much isn’t good for me and I generally just drink water. I take a water bottle with me everywhere I go. I take my own water to work since I refuse to drink unfiltered tap water, or I use a bottle with a filter on it.

    I can’t imagine how many extra calories I would consume if I drank soda or juice or other drinks all day long! I also got in the habit of getting coffee drinks when I started working for State Government. It was so cozy to just walk across the street to the coffee shop! I got the punch card! After several years of that I realized I just couldn’t have the sugar and milk anymore. I tried the sugar free syrups but they taste terrible and the non milk milks but they don’t taste right in coffee to my either. I drink unsweetened almond coconut milk at home and love it but not in coffee. So eventually I quit that too. Now if I want something else I make a cup of tea.

    I like your suggestion to add fruit and ice. I love really cold water. My husband got on a kick of adding fresh lime to his water and for awhile he went through so many limes we bought them in bulk. It was a great healthy habit for him. It also lowered his blood pressure!

    What fruit do you add to water? Do you have a favorite?

    • Hello Jessica!

      How interesting to hear your story about changing your habit and stop drinking soda and coffee drinks. Too many people just go on drinking sweetened and carbonated sodas and sweet warm drinks even if they don´t feel well doing it. I think it´s great that you had the strength to search for what made you feel at unease and change your habits one after the other.

      We can save an enormous amount of unnecessary calories by cutting down on sweetened drinks like sodas and processed fruitjuices. The risk of getting diabetes is heavily reduced if we let these be and drink water and tea in our daily life instead. Occasionally we still can drink something sweet for example in the holidays or on a hot summerday. It´s the daily consumation, which I plead to stop as it is increasing the risk of getting illnesses like diabetes and heart diseases.

      My husband and I have a garden of our own and are happy to get a rich harvest of berries. I love to put berries of all kind in my water, for example raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. I keep them in the freezer and then they do ice my water at the same time.

      Thanks a lot for your refreshing comment. I´d appreciate if yoy would like to check my posts from time to time, I look forward to hear your interesting inputs.

      Best wishes to you!

  4. Jessica says:

    Thanks Pernilla,
    My husband and I both love iced tea so that is a good choice for us. He makes batches in our stoneware pitcher. That is one problem I have with making beverages to have around the house in large quantities. It is hard to find pitchers that are not made of plastic. Glass is good but cheap glass pitchers are fragile and generally don’t have lids. The stoneware is great but also doesn’t have a lid.

    I am careful to avoid plastic cookware, dishes and glasses now since I know how bad the chemicals are that leach into our food and water. Now that I am careful to avoid it, I really taste plastic if food is stored in zipper bags, or water in plastic bottles. Food and drinks taste so much better if they are kept in ceramic, glass or other higher quality dishes.

    I keep telling myself I will get a real teapot again! I have never had one of my own but my Mom and Grandma do. It might encourage us to drink more hot tea if we had a nice pot all ready to go!


    • Jessica, you are so right! We should avoid plastic wherever and whenever we can. To save the environment on the one hand. On the other hand it´s healthier to keep water in glass bottles or pitchers instead of plastic ones. As you say there are unhealthy substances – bisphenol A (BPA) – in all sorts of plastic. So it´s a great decision to avoid keeping food in plastic containers, especially when you are cooking the food or heating it up, as well as using ceramic or glass dishes.

      Thanks for the very interesting discussion, Jessica.

      Enjoy your iced or hot tea!

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