Healthy Living

What is healthy living?

We all want to be healthy, be attractive, stay young and live longer. An uncountable amount of books have been written about these topics, and every month there are hundreds more added. I have myself read tons of books and articles about how to loose weight, how to live healthy in general, how to get fit and lean and so on. I have tried this and that, but often it didn’t work out as I had hoped for. Why is that? Why does it mostly not work? How do I get/stay fit and healthy?

To be able to live healthy you have to know:

  • Why it is important to live healthy / What an unhealthy lifestyle does to your body and mind
  • What is healthy for you / what does your body and mind need
  • How to change bad habits into healthy habits
  • How to follow through healthy living

This is what this site really is about. How to be able to change the way of life in order to finally get healthier and get more attractive, to keep a young appearance and to extend the lifespan.

Often the advices are difficult to maintain in the daily life. There are so many daily chores and responsibilities to maintain that we simply can’t find the strength to follow through with our intentions.

I have myself experienced these difficulties and thanks to the knowledge I’ve built up by reading hundreds of books as well as my passion about these topics, I now can share this knowledge and experience with you.


You will succeed as long as you believe!