Awaken The Giant Within


TITLE: Awaken The Giant Within

AUTHOR NAME: Anthony «Tony» Robbins

AUTHOR CREDENTIALS: Tony Robbins is one of the most influential persons in the field of personal development. He is a multiple best-selling author of titles like «Inner Strength», «Unlimited Power» and «Money Master the Game». He is now considered as the US’s leader in the ‘Science of Peak Performance’ and he has coached celebrities like Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi and Princess Diana. He runs seminars around the world and he has got a foundation which helps young, elderly as well as homeless people.

GENRE: Self-development

FORMAT: Paperback / 544 pages


(Originally published in 1991)

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SHORT SUMMARY: This book is about how to take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny. The focus is on the psychology of change and Tony shows the steps necessary for you on how to gain control of your own life and shape your destiny, and how you can become happier and more successful in all areas of your life.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: For all people who want to change their lives for the better and for people who are interested in the human psychology.

MY PERSONAL RATING:        (5/ 5)


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Summary of Content


Do you feel stuck like a hamster on a wheel? Do you have the feeling you are treading on the same spot and want to break out of your daily endeavours which makes you feel stressed and frustrated?

But, you don’t know how? Then I recommend you to read Tony Robbins book «Awaken The Giant Within» from all of my heart. This book is really a masterpiece of self-development. It is a true Life Changer.

By reading this book you will learn how to make an immediate change in your habits. You will learn how you can use Tony’s advice to change your health, relationships and finances to the better. You will also learn how to master your emotions and time to your benefit.

Most people associate a habit change to a long-lasting painful action. Tony says that a change can happen instantly by reshaping the focus and turn a negative thought pattern to a positive one instead.  What it takes is a clear DECISION and consciously attach a positive emotion to the new habit and a painful emotion to the bad habit.


“If you truly decide to, you can do almost anything.”

“Value guides our every decision, and therefore, our destiny.”

Quotes out of the book


The values you set for yourself are guiding you through life. So if you don’t know what your values really are then you won’t arrive at the dream destination of our life. The values are like a compass for your life and they help you to make the right decisions, which helps you to steer toward your desired goals.

I like this book so much because it is not a theoretical analysis; It is written in an understandable way with lots of plausible and real examples. Furthermore, Tony reveals techniques so you can take action upon what you have learned, while reading the book, for example on how to master your emotions, eliminate bad habits, and reshape your values.

You really must read this book if you want to take control of your behaviours and create your desired future.

I am myself implementing step by step what I have learned from Tony and I can confirm that it is true what he says; It is possible to change your thought pattern, your beliefs and values. Most important is to take that DECISION to TAKE ACTION which will guide you to the goal you have set for yourself.


«Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers;

powers that would astonish him,

that he never dreamed of possessing;

forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused

and put into action. »

Orison Swett Marden



Take the time to read this book and follow Tony’s instructions
and you too will get healthier, happier and more successful in life.


Get a copy today,
don’t wait any longer for something to happen.


You make it happen!



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6 Thoughts on “Awaken The Giant Within – Book Review”

  • Hi Pernilla,

    I believe having a positive mindset is utmost important in life. Always try to reframe the negative situation to positive. This may take some time to change depending on each individual. I am sure the techniques shared by Tony in this book will help accelerate the change for the best.

    You did a good review on this book. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Hello Sharon,
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Yes, a positive mindset makes life much easier, also the hardships can be better managed if we think positive. Tonys tips and techniques really can help us to change our lives, but as you say it won’t happen overnight, we must continuously work on ourselves. All the efforts are worth it.

      Wish you health and wealth in plenty!

  • Hello Pernilla.
    I know that there are now scientific studies that show a positive mindset can actually heal you at the cellular level by promoting proper blow flow to your vital organs and transporting nutrients into your cells. Modern studies have also concluded that the brain can be retrained to work more efficiently by a person becoming exposed to positive thoughts on a regular basis. I think the techniques shared by Tony in his new book are a good way to build on these studies and ensure that one changes their life for the better. Thanks for sharing this interesting post.


    • Hello Thabo,

      Thank you for the interesting comment, telling about the scientific study! It’s amazing what a positive mindset can do for body and brain. I can myself confirm that working on my self-development have helped me to get a more positive attitude. Before I was quite negative about myself, now I feel so much better having changed my attitude. I feel healthier and happier than ever.
      Wish you health & happiness in plenty!

  • I have heard so much about this book, but have not read it yet. After reading your review, I am inspired to read it. I have read many other books, and attended many courses to improve myself. I do find I am on the right track and in control of my life. And I am achieving all my goals and dreams.

    And yet, it is always good to read and learn more. Especially on the ways to improve ourselves and achieve our goals. And even more so if the author is Anthony Robbins.

    Thank you for this recommendation.

    • Hello Timotheus,

      I’m so delighted to hear from you again. Thank you for telling me about your thoughts on this book review.
      It is so wonderful that you are on the right track in your life and that you are achieving your goals and dreams.
      Continue to read and learn, that’s what we have to do throughout the whole life, that’s what all the most successful people tell us, Anthony Robbins included.
      I wish you continued success and happiness!

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